By Stephen Kubiak

Walking around a theme park all day can work up a hunger. Thankfully, you can relax at the Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort and enjoy plenty of sweet and salty snacks that will satisfy every taste bud when the need to feed strikes.

During your next family visit to Disney World, try these 13 treats and if you're looking for more of a dining experience, check out our full guide to Magic Kingdom Restaurants 

Dole Whip at Aloha Isle, Adventureland

The Dole Whip is a classic treat that's a favorite of first-time visitors and Disney veterans alike. This perfect blend of vanilla and pineapple flavors is perfect for a warm Florida afternoon. Besides, it's made with pineapple, so it's healthy, right?

Country Bears Jug, Frontierland

What makes a soda more than a soda? You put it in a flashy moonshine jug. Found at a cart across the way from the famous Country Bear Jamboree, this treat doubles as a cool souvenir.

Egg Roll at Adventureland Snack Cart, Adventureland

The egg rolls from Adventureland make a great, budget-friendly snack.

Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace, Adventureland

Get a taste of the Sunshine State with this citrusy snack that mixes soft-serve ice cream with frozen orange juice. If orange juice isn't for you, you can also order a cup of vanilla ice cream or a raspberry-lemonade slushy.

Churro from Frontierland Cart, Frontierland

Another classic Disney snack, the churro, a fried-dough pastry lightly dusted in cinnamon and sugar, is perfect for eating on the way to your next attraction.

LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern, Fantasyland

Made with frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with a passion fruit-mango foam, this foamy, frothy concoction is perfect for keeping cool on a warm day. If you're still hungry, pair your pint with the ham and cheese-stuffed pretzel.

Popcorn in a Souvenir Bucket, Fantasyland

Popcorn always makes a great shareable snack. Go for the souvenir popcorn bucket - it comes with a lid so you can save your snack while you ride rides.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Tomorrowland

Cool off with this classic ice cream treat but be warned: Once you break the candy shell, you better eat it up fast before it melts.

 A hot dog makes for quick snack that satisfies and Casey’s Corner on Main Street, U.S.A. makes a good one.-
Stephen Kubiak


Hot Dog from Casey’s Corner, Main Street, U.S.A.

A hot dog makes for quick snack that satisfies and Casey’s Corner on Main Street, U.S.A. makes a good one. You can also get specialty dogs, like the chili-cheese or the macaroni & cheese topped with bacon. Stick around and you may catch the piano player, Jim, playing a few ragtime tunes.

Candy Apple from Main Street Confectionery, Main Street, U.S.A.

The hardest part about picking out a candied or caramel apple at this old-fashioned candy shop on Main Street is deciding which one to get. Feel like sharing? A cast member will be happy to cut the apple into slices for you.