By Lauren Tjaden

If you're a fan of water sports, imagine this: six hours of aquatic adventures on the beautiful waters of Key West. Sebago Power Adventure lets you race WaveRunners, parasail, snorkel and more - all in one day!

Getting there is half the fun


Our six hour trip began on Sebago's catamaran. We enjoyed elegant pastries, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit while we got acquainted with our fellow adventurers on our hour-long journey out to the coral barrier reef.

See the underwater world

Seven miles from shore, we made our first stop, and it was a beauty.

The third largest reef in the world stretches the length of the Florida Keys. At 120 miles long, the reef is the only living one in North America, and it bristles with life.

Sebago Power Adventure invites you to don a snorkel and peer into this watery world, and they make it easy as the catamaran is equiped with a 'stairway to the sea'  for simple access into the shallow, sheltered water.

My own snorkeling adventure was nothing short of magical. I saw groups of Yellowtail that moved as one, tropical fish in a rainbow of colors, barracuda, brain coral, and strange purple plants that swayed with the surf.  

Jump, slide and go bananas


When we’d had our fill of the reef, we sailed to a remote playground, tying off to an anchored dock a mile north of Key West. We spent the next three hours in this secluded water park, where we filled up the fun-meter with a smorgasboard of adventure. We jumped on the water trampoline, sometimes bouncing off into the water. The slide was yet another way to get wet with a big splash. On the banana boat, the game was to try stay onboard while the WaveRunner towing us tried to knock us off with quick turns and fast starts. We parasailed, we kayaked, and we rode the WaveRunners.

Ride the waves

Until I climbed aboard one of Sebago's WaveRunners, I had no idea they were so fast or responsive – or so much fun to play with. I tore in circles, bouncing over my own wake. I tested the upper limits of the machine’s speed. I screamed out challenges to a couple riding their own WaveRunner, daring them to race-- though they ignored me and kept a safe distance.

Fly like an eagle

A slick powerboat pulled alongside of our catamaran and the crew waved us onto it. Moments later, we were zooming across the water. It was time to get sky-high.

My husband Paul and I exchanged excited grins as we hooked into the tandem harness of the parasail. The boat accelerated, and were dragged into the sky under its bright, colorful canopy. The turquoise ocean stretched beneath us, the boat became toy-sized, and we got a glimpse of Key West from an eagle’s view.

Crew-member Dan yanked on the tow rope to let us know he was taking pictures of us, so we tried to pose like “America’s Top Models” in the air while the boat slowed and we lost altitude. Finally, we dipped so low the water tickled our feet, but more surprises were in store. The boat’s passengers began to cheer and we were given a hearty dunking in the waves. Dan told us that everyone on board voted to get us soaked, so of course, we returned the favor when they took their turns. Too bad Dan didn’t fly!

Wine and dine

In between the action, we recharged our batteries with tasty snacks and meals that included fresh shrimp, homemade cookies, ham, salads and sweets. Beverages were provided as well. They included wine and beer-- after the watersports, of course.

If you want to experience a boatload of fun in one day, Sebago Watersports’ Power Adventure is the perfect ocean cruise.

Insider tips to make your trip more fun

  • If you’re prone to motion sickness, Bonine, or another over-the-counter-medicine, might help.
  • Use alcohol-based ear drops after being in the ocean.
  • You should be able to swim, though you don’t need to be fit to enjoy this adventure. There’s no weight limit for any of the activities with the exception of parasailing; usually about 500 pounds is the maximum weight for a tandem, depending on the wind and conditions. Kids of any age can come along, but those old enough to swim and snorkel will get to join in lots more of the fun.
  • All you need to bring is sunscreen and towels. Wear a bathing suit and whatever you’d like to cover up with.
    You’ll need to show a driver’s license and be 22 or older in order to ride the WaveRunners.Guests 16 – 21 must also show ID and will need to take a short safety course and pay $3 to drive the WaveRunners. Kids under 16 can ride along but cannot drive.
  • Tip the staff and crew. 15 to 20% is appropriate.

When you go:

This adventure costs about $150 per person. Check for more information and discounts online at

Riding the banana boat in Sebago Key West

Riding the banana boat is part of the Sebago Power Adventure.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA

couple spend six hour trip for the power adventure in Sebago, Key West

My husband and I boarded the Sebago catamaran, ready for the Power Adventure. This six-hour trip in Key West includes snorkeling, parasailing, riding WaveRunners and more.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA

water trampoline at the Sebago Power Adventure in Key West

Trampolines are fun, especially when they're on the water! You'll jump on a water trampoline during your Sebago Power Adventure in Key West.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA

Snorkeling in Key West, Florida

Getting ready to snorkel in Key West during the Sebago Power Adventure.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA

parasailing for the Sebago Power Adventure

Have fun! We did a goofy Top Model pose while parasailing during our Sebago Power Adventure in Key West.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA

on a boat for the Sebago Power Adventure

The Sebago Power Adventure is fun all around.

- Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA


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