By Andrea Duclos

Hi friends! How are you? Are you living in New England and freezing like my mom? I hope not... but if you are and thinking about visiting South Florida sometime soon, then you might want some recommendations on where to eat, ya?

As you know, we love food. We do eat at home as much as we can, but at the same time we do enjoy a delicious (and easy) outing every once in a while. I went around Boca Raton for VISIT FLORIDA last week, trying out some old plus new favorite food spots to put together this post. (AKA dream job).

The reality is, I could probably do a whole post on just acai/smoothie places to visit in Boca (there are SO many), but I did try to add in a few more to the list as well. A good mix of warm food, grab and go, and lounge and dine type places. All located right in Boca Raton, and all delicious. I hope you come visit and enjoy them :)

The Seed Boca

Super cute + delicious coffee + smoothie stop. I would visit this place every day for breakfast if it were closer to me. They are SUPER vegan friendly. You can grab a latte and a smoothie bowl and a shot of turmeric for good luck, too ;) I like the matcha bowl best— a blend of green-tea matcha, banana, and other tropical fruits. I don't know anywhere else around here where you can get a matcha bowl.

The Farmer’s Table is super health friendly, with lots of vegan choices.

The Farmer’s Table is super health friendly, with lots of vegan choices.

- Andrea Duclos for VISIT FLORIDA

The Farmers Table

I’m almost positive my dad actually told me about this place. I was like, "Yah, yah dad, what do you know about healthy vegan food?" But he was right, this place is great. Super health friendly, and lots of vegan choices, too. I used to loooove the spaghetti squash with "meatballs" before I had to go nut free. It's so good -- get it! But now I go for the namaste salad -- I'm actually quite a snob and picky about my salads, but this one is super good. They try to do things differently than most restaurants, using less salt and they avoid frying, too. I definitely recommend sitting on the patio and ordering a coconut of fresh cucumber drink. Oh, and there's always vegan scones and vegan desert.


I've been going to Kapow! for years. Their menu has changed quite a bit in that time, but there are always a few vegan options on the menu, and you can always ask and they'll omit things from the item to make it vegan.

Raw Juce

Believe it or not, Marlowe and I spent about $70-80 here in one weekend. We just kept going back for more. All smoothie bowls, juices, a few to-go type salads, and they are all healthy. I prefer the bowls without the protein powder, but if extra protein is your jam, they have it in a lot of their bowls. This is another place where I always pick up a shot of turmeric, ginger, or whatever healthy shot they have.

Chow Thai

This place is a hole-in-the-wall type plaza, but super cute, vegan-friendly, and good, too. It doesn't feel like super heavy Americanized Asian food. At least not the veggie stuff. The staff is super friendly and they have a whole vegetarian section. What more could you want?

Parlour Vegan

Okay so, this place is basically the opposite of healthy, but if you've ever wanted to walk into a bakery where everything is vegan, this is it. Cupcakes, donuts, poptarts and even savory items like empanadas. There’s a ton of gluten-free options, too. It’s a perfect bakery for us vegans, or people with minor food allergies. They also have a location in Plantation, Fla.

There are many more vegan options to be found in Boca Raton. But these are definitely some of our favorites. If you need to buy food, I highly recommend 4th Generation Organic Market. There are two locations and both are amazing. We always stop in whenever we're in town. There's also a Whole Foods, of course, a few Indian places, and tons more. Trust me, you won't find a shortage of delicious and healthy food. Boca is pretty rad for that. It was actually the only place I could find preggo yoga, too. I dig it. 



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