Discovering Scuba Diving in Three Sisters Springs Park

    Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving or snorkeling in the cool water of Crystal River? Did you know it’s possible to learn the basics of snorkeling and scuba diving in the course of a morning or afternoon, and start exploring that same day? See the crystal-clear waters of Three Sisters Springs from a whole new perspective as outdoors and nature expert Kevin Mims takes part in the Discover SCUBA experience with Bird's Underwater Dive Center.

    Three Sisters Springs is located near the West Coast of Florida, about 90 minutes north of Tampa. Known as a popular destination for diving, eco tours, and boating, the springs are the perfect place for the nature lover’s vacation. The shallow springs are the perfect place for you to learn the dos and don’ts of scuba diving with areas of waist-deep water allowing you to stand up and familiarize yourself with the regulator, oxygen tank, mask and more. Getting accustomed to the gear assures a smooth scuba experience so you’re able to breathe comfortably underwater and explore all that Three Sisters Springs Park has to offer.

    After spending the morning or afternoon with your guide, you’ll be able to embark on your personal adventure through the springs. A trip to the springs is a fine way to beat the heat during hot summer days, with the water consistently ranging from a refreshing 68 to 72 degrees year-round. With depths up to 14 feet there’s plenty to explore while under water, with a variety of fish and manatees swimming freely through the springs. Scuba diving in Three Sisters Springs Park is an experience you don’t want to miss. 

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