Ms. Cheezious Miami: Best Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup in Town

    By Rachelle Lucas

    With the fall season I start craving comfort foods, even if it's still a little warm outside.

    If you're the same way, then allow me to introduce you to Ms. Cheezious Miami, a food truck that offers the ultimate in comfort foods: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    They get a little mischievous with all their gourmet offerings.

    Diners have lots of options, including building your own grilled cheese sandwich with choices of American, Cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere, Blue, Brie, Havarti or Provolone cheeses. (Are you salivating yet?) Next, you get to add a little something special, like bacon, oven-roasted turkey, shaved tavern ham, prosciutto, tomato or spiced apple.

    If you're not necessarily feeling creative, that's ok: leave it to Ms. Cheezious Miami. On their menu are plenty of other grilled cheese sandwich choices, including my favorite, the Grilled Harvest with spiced apples and Havarti cheese grilled to perfection on multi-grain bread. Now that's some good food.

    Ms. Cheezious is in the Miami area and you can locate their schedule on their website at