By Kara Franker

Whether you're a foodie looking for freshly caught Florida seafood or an art aficionado who's into special events, these Jacksonville attractions offer something for everyone.

Our friends at Visit Jacksonville came up with six awesome reasons to visit Jacksonville, a city that's brimming with lots to do and year-round fabulous weather.

1. Jacksonville's Natural Attractions

palm trees at Jacksonville

Palm trees along the Saint Johns River. Alluring, isn't it?


Explore Jacksonville’s diverse and extensive network of greenspace, including the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, Timucuan Preserve, Big Talbot Island State Park or any of the other many parks in the area.

#OnlyinJaxTip: Plan a beachside picnic at Black Rock in Talbot Island.

2. Foodie Fun

Fish tacos in Jacksonville

Fish tacos in Jacksonville, perfect for the beach.


In addition to quality southern-style options, Jacksonville's seafood scene is unique on the Eastern Seabord. Heavily influenced by North Florida's Menorcan and Balaeric population, you'll find spicy sweet Datil-based sauces, fantastic paella and locally caught mahi and flounder dishes at Jacksonville's wide range of seafood restaurants.

#OnlyinJaxTip: Order the fresh Mayport shrimp catch whenever you can.

3. Get Artsy

Art scene in Jacksonville

The Jazz Festival in Jacksonville.


For the best arty Jacksonville attractions, stroll through the Art Walk the first Wednesday of every month, explore the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cummer Art & Gardens, or head to an event like the Jazz Festival -- and see why Jacksonville is ranked one of the top art destinations in the country.

#OnlyinJaxTip: Grab lunch or a glass of wine at MOCA's Cafe Nola.

4. Craft Breweries

The Intuition Ale Works Brewery

The Intuition Ale Works beer lineup ready for sipping.

- Laura Evans Photography for Intuition Ale Works

The Jax Ale Trail gives barley and hops enthusiasts the opportunity to explore local craft breweries or tour the Budweiser Brewery. You could also plan your trip around the annual Jaxtoberfest Beer Festival

#OnlyinJaxTip: Jax has some of the friendliest Uber drivers in the East -- get to know them!

5. Fantastic Events

fireworks in Jacksonville

Fireworks are among the special events you can experience in Jacksonville.


Grab a front-row seat for the fireworks shows each summer and for special events.

#OnlyinJaxTip: If sports are more your thing make sure to check out home Suns games on Friday nights which always feature a free fireworks show.

6. Spectacular Beaches

paddleboarding on Jacksonville Beach

Imagine doing this on your Jacksonville vacation.


Jacksonville has more coastline than any other city in the U.S., and much of it is freshwater and enclosed waterways. The beaches here definitely make the list of top Jacksonville attractions. Rent a boat, take a stand up paddle board lesson, learn how to kayak, or just relax on Jacksonville's beaches.

#OnlyinJaxTip: Make sure to check out one of the city's weekend SUP Yoga classes.

Jacksonville Attractions Infographic


- Uknown

Infographic and photos courtesy of Visit Jacksonville.