By Patricia Pena


On the west coast of Florida, Tampa is a city filled with events and activities for the whole family -- from museum exhibits to theme parks to sports and culinary adventures. When your travels bring you here, you have to try these restaurants, the best of what Tampa has to offer in Latin cuisine. 


1. Estela’s Mexican Restaurant. Authentic, fresh and homemade Mexican food at your fingertips with five locations in the Tampa Bay area. Try the mole and chimichangas.

2. Terra Sur Café. Peruvian cuisine has been considered one of the most diverse in the world. Have your taste of it at Terra Sur, "the best kept secret" in Tampa.

3. The Columbia Restaurant. Standing since 1905, the Columbia is Florida’s oldest restaurant, and a must-try for Cuban cuisine. I recently had my own throwdown on the Cuban sandwich, a competition between Miami and Tampa. Stop by and order one and judge for yourself.

4. El Puerto Restaurant and Grill. This restaurant features traditional recipes from countries like Argentina, El Salvador and Cuba. Try a "Parrillada," their signature dish, a mixture of grilled meats.

5.  Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant. This typical Spanish restaurant features 100 hot and cold tapas. This restaurant is so committed to the authenticity of the meal that some of the products are imported from Spain.