When you’re really looking to let loose and have some fun, it’s hard to beat the experience of visiting Florida dance clubs.

Whether you’re looking for Latin beat in Miami, a dark wave disco in Tampa or a north Florida R&B nightclub, you’re sure to find exactly the right atmosphere, energy and crowd if you do a little research before heading out for a night on the town.

South Florida’s DJs are internationally known for their innovative electronic beats, booming bass and fast-paced rhythms to get everyone moving, but some like a softer, more swinging style of music for couples dancing or just enjoying the sounds and people-watching with a cocktail in hand.

Dance clubs in Florida are as varied as they are vibrant; simply walk down a busy block in Tampa’s Ybor City or Jacksonville Beach’s nightlife district and you’ll find everything from sultry blues clubs to hip hop parties.

You’ll often spot the telltale signs of the best clubs in Florida by the lines wrapped around the building corners but if you pick the right weeknight or get to the doors early, you’ll get the chance to peek at some of the hottest spots in Orlando, Tampa and Miami without needing the VIP status to get you past the velvet ropes.

Many of the top night clubs in Florida all seem to have three things in common: great music, great bartenders and great patrons. But the choices vary widely from there.

From South Beach’s exclusive hip-hop dance clubs to Key West’s longtime favorite party bar, Sloppy Joe’s, to Tampa’s gothic nights at The Castle, Florida’s nightlife caters to all tastes and genres.

Fort Lauderdale is known for having some of the best LGBT bars for dancing and mingling, including the country western club Scandals Saloon and The Manor, a chic and popular ultra-lounge, dance club and restaurant.

If you’re staying in or near a college town, you’re likely to stumble into some super-fun bars and clubs that cater to students and older adults alike. Home to University of Florida, Gainesville is home to everything from the upscale Whiskey House to the University Club, known for its fun dance parties and shows.

Tallahassee’s Coliseum often hosts some of the region’s best DJs, drawing an enthusiastic crowd that enjoys original electronic dance music and awesome light shows.



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