By Lauren Tjaden

Florida’s military museums preserve and honor the past, celebrating the troops, their missions, their aircraft and the part they played in our defense.

Check out these articles to learn more about Florida’s fascinating military history and discover military museums all around the state.

Military Museums by Region

Military History in Central Florida

Military History in North Florida

Military History in South Florida

World War II Museums & Sites of Interest in Florida

World War II Museums. Viva Florida lists 41 Florida World War II Museums in this comprehensive list, with information about each, including their locations and links to their websites.

Individual  Military Museums

Camp Blanding Museum, a Gem of National History in Clay County

Carrabelle's Camp Gordon Johnston: Rehearsal for WWII Invasions

Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg

Navy SEALs Museum in Fort Pierce: Tribute for Secret Soldiers

Valiant Air Command Warbirds: Titusville’s Must-See Museum

The Museum of Military History in Kissimmee


The Museum of Military History in Kissimmee.

The Museum of Military History in Kissimmee



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