LEGOLAND Florida Resort

By Lauren Tjaden

Built for kids.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort lives up to its motto with creative rides and entertainment aimed at toddlers to young teens, designed for laughter, wonder and the memories of a lifetime.

Nestled deep in the heart of Central Florida, a mere 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa, the resort encompasses an interactive, 150-acre Theme Park with more than 55 rides, shows and attractions that celebrate beloved LEGO personalities; LEGOLAND Water Park, offering a wave pool, lazy river, slides, and interactive play areas; and Peppa Pig Theme Park, the park’s newest addition, a vibrant land of fun and adventure that’s devoted to preschoolers.

And you can stay right there. LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel, both located 130 steps from the theme park entrance, complete the perfect getaway with fully-themed rooms along with daily entertainment. LEGOLAND Beach Retreat delivers themed LEGO bungalows in a lakefront setting, just across the street from the theme park.

Here’s your guide to everything LEGOLAND Florida, from rides to shopping and dining.

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Theme Park

Geared for children between the ages of two and 12, LEGOLAND Theme Park is built for kids. Some some older teens may also enjoy the rides, but if they're looking for extreme thrills, they won't find them here.

Theme Park Rides and Attractions

55-plus rides and attractions – including a road-rally roller coaster; an outdoor wonderland of ropes, ladders and tunnels; and a pirate adventure through the glorious waters of Cypress Gardens-- guarantee to leave everyone in your gang smiling. Here’s your list of what-to-do at LEGOLAND Florida. Here’s where you can explore height restrictions.

AQUAZONE Wave Racers

Getting soaked is a blast—literally-- on an AQUAZONE Wave Racer, where you steer across the waves to dodge the water blasts.

Battle of Bricksburg

Help defend Bricksburg by spraying the DUPLO alien invaders on this laugh-out-loud water ride. Landlubbers can get in on the fun using water cannons to assist the riders in saving the day. Staying dry? It’s not an option.

Beetle Bounce

Blastoff 15-feet in the air towards bejeweled LEGO beetles balanced atop two towering obelisks, and then hop and drop your way back down.

Benny’s Play Ship

Join Benny on his giant spaceship, an out-of-this-world playground where you can launch into climbing adventures and discover a tube-slide.

Botanical Gardens

Discover the legendary Cypress Gardens botanical gardens, a Florida classic since 1939. This horticultural masterpiece showcases exotic plants from all over the globe, including a majestic, immense Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in 1939.

Coast Guard Academy

You’re the captain of your own LEGO themed boat on this ride, in charge of navigating your vessel over the placid waters until your final port of call.


This wooden coaster delivers kid-size thrills as it winds and rolls through a prehistoric jungle bristling with animated, life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs.

DUPLO Valley Schoolhouse

This fun, indoor schoolhouse invites you to escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of the outdoor world. It offers soft-play activities, an interactive touchscreen for kids to practice numbers and letters, and a stage for entertainment. You’ll also find a Baby Care Center with private changing and nursing stations, a microwave, fridge and rocking chairs.
Sited inside the Baby Care Center, a ‘quiet room’ offers a break for guests who are on the autism spectrum. Noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, squishy toys and LEGO building tables are part of its complimentary resources.

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Rise to the very tiptop of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then bounce and spin back down to the ground.

Tot Spot

This airplane-themed, air conditioned play area is ideal for toddlers.


Learn the startling history behind LEGOLAND’s creation, see how LEGOLAND Florida is building the next chapter, and get in on the action with unprecedented opportunities to brick-together your own masterpieces.

THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight

Soar away on an action-packed expedition atop Emmet’s Triple Decker Flying Couch. This suspended ride with a full-dome virtual screen gives the feeling of flying. You’ll glide beside beloved LEGOLAND characters and meet some new faces, too, like Sweet Mayhem, a personality starring in the upcoming feature THE LEGO MOVIE 2: The Second Part.

The Great LEGO Race

Thrills are the name of the game on this road-rally roller coaster, with an abundance of twists, turns and drops to satisfy your wee adventure seekers.

The Grand Carousel

Mount up on a stunning horse for a gallop around this double-decker carousel, glittering with mirrors and lights and set at the heart of Fun Town.


Toddlers are invited to board this train on their own or with their parents beside them, to discover a countryside landscape of farms, fishing holes and campgrounds.

DUPLO Splash & Play

Cool off at this water-centric play area, featuring intermittent water spouts and interactive water elements situated among larger-than-life farm creatures, and complete with a soft deck for safety.

DUPLO Tot Spot

Built for wee-ones under the age of two, this safe, secure play area promises a small slide and vibrant playhouse.

DUPLO Tractor

Toddlers can ride on a pint-size tractor to help farmers plow the corn fields and search for missing farm animals.

Emmet's Super Suite

Discover Emmet's apartment on a walk through downtown Bricksburg, where you can take brick-sational photos with Emmet and his buddies.

Ford Driving School

Your kids can take the wheel as a policeman, firewoman, taxi driver or any driver they choose in LEGO City. After they’ve mastered the rules of the road, showcase their achievement with a personalized LEGOLAND Driver’s License.

Jr. Ford Driving School

Your littlest ones get to share in the driving fun in this experience for three to five-year-olds, curving around the oval course to earn a LEGOLAND Driver's license.

Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain

Step on interactive icons encircling this heart-shaped fountain to create your own music, played by LEGO brick instruments.

Imagination Zone

This cool, indoor space is brimming with multihued furnishings, floor-to-ceiling graphics, and themed zones like LEGO City Space, where you can construct rockets and rovers; Creation Zone, challenging you to create buildings and then test their strength on the earthquake table; and Wheels Zone, daring you to concoct a LEGO vehicle to send zooming down a timed racing ramp… never mind thousands of LEGO bricks just waiting for you to transform them into brick-tastic wonders.

Kid Power Towers

On this aptly-named attraction, you employ super-kid strength to pull yourself up to the top of the towers, where you can take in views Lake Eloise and the theme park before you ‘free-fall’ to the bottom.


Do you have what it takes to become a ninja? Lob animated fireballs, lightning and other ninja-powered weapons at a menacing troupe of villains before teaming up to defeat this foe. Track your score against friends, family and other guests, then ride again to see if you can up your performance.


Master the skills every ninja needs in LEGO NINJAGO World. Cole's Rock Climb teaches the mind patience and the body endurance; Kai's Spinners focuses on balance and vortex spinning-- abilities you need for the art of Spinjitzu; and Zane's Temple Build requests your help to construct the NINJAGO Monastery, sure to get you in the spirit.

Merlin’s Challenge

Fueled by the wizard's magic, this wooden train ride is shrouded in mystery, sure to cast a thrilling spell over small riders as it winds up and down over the tracks.

The Forestmen’s Hideout

Climb up, slide down, cross over and shimmy through on this outdoor wonderland of ropes, ladders and tunnels.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

This indoor ride beckons you to leap into a desert off-roader in a quest to find hidden treasure, using a laser gun to help the LEGO adventurers defeat the LEGO mummies and skeletons. Keep track of your points and try to beat your friends. 

Mia's Riding Adventure

Pick a pony and saddle up for a ride on this disc coaster, a thrill ride that spins as it rolls up and down the tracks.


This iconic area of LEGOLAND invites you to see California, Las Vegas, New York City, and Washington D.C. all in one day, showcasing classic scenes from coast to coast- all constructed from more than 32 million LEGO bricks.

NFPA® Rescue Academy

Take charge of your fire truck or police vehicle, using people-power to race to put out the flames in this fun-fueled fire drill.

Pharaoh's Revenge Land of Adventure

Ropes, ladders and tunnels greet explorers who venture into the pharaoh’s maze, an outdoor playhouse that lets children and parents fire soft foam balls at foes and friends alike.

Pirate River Quest

This 20-minute journey through the glorious waters of Cypress Gardens is a must-do, with a boisterous crew of LEGO pirates to reveal its secrets as you embark on a family-friendly treasure hunt.

Rebuild the World

Creativity rules at PLANET LEGOLAND, an immersive build experience that urges children and their parents to create their dreams with LEGO bricks. Anything is possible: you can design a rainbow unicorn, a spaghetti airplane, or even an ice-skating cow.

Royal Joust

It’s a fairytale come-to-life for youngsters on the Royal Joust. Kids enjoy a ride on their own LEGO horse during a royal tournament held amidst a medieval forest, where they’ll encounter other jousting knights and magical creatures.

Safari Trek

Climb into a zebra-striped vehicle for a safari around a LEGOLAND jungle, filled with brick-tacular lions, tigers and elephants.

Technic Tot Spot

This shady play area for tiny tots offers sliding, climbing and building fun.


Pedal power makes you go higher in this lofty, flying ride that you control, while relaxing lets you glide closer to the earth.

The Dragon

Conquer the curves and drops of this indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster that’s made for fun, not fear.


Shows & Activities

Character meet-and-greets! 4-D Movies! A Watersport Stunt Show! LEGOLAND Florida delivers entertainment to please everybody in the family.

LEGO DREAMZzz 4D: Z-Blob Rescue Rush

Have the adventure of a night-time in this 4D show where Mateo and Izzie travel through the Dream World and have fun and party. But everything’s not rainbows and unicorns. They need to try to outsmart the Nightmare King, who wants the Dream World to melt into a Land of Nightmares. See the trailer here.

Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show

This blow-your-mind water stunt show showcases a never-before-seen, female LEGO pirate character; original music; and water stunts that laugh at gravity, including wakeboarding; barefoot-skiing; jump acts; and an iconic ski pyramid; plus a flyboard act that soars to a heroic altitude above legendary Lake Eloise.

Time to Learn

Ideal for kids ages two to six, these DUPLO Valley Schoolhouse shows infuse science, reading and writing with fun.

LEGO City 4D - Officer in Pursuit!

In this laugh out loud movie, a mischievous crook is wreaking havoc in the city, and the local LEGO City Police Officers need your help to put him behind bars. Test your skills in this frenzied pursuit, bursting with water, wind, and bubble effects.

LEGO NINJAGO: Master of the 4th Dimension

Immerse yourself in the 4D action when the ninjas need your assistance in mastering the 4th Dimension: the universe depends on it.


Fuel up on kid-friendly fare that includes cheeseburgers, pizza, and sweet treats as well as salads and fried chicken. Check out what and where to eat at LEGOLAND Florida. For dietary concerns, please email the LEGO Chefs at or visit Guest Services.

Burger Kitchen

Giggle at the hilarious antics of Sparky and the firefighters of LEGO City while you nosh on the park’s only flame-broiled burgers.

Dragon’s Den

This eatery serves up locally brewed craft beer, smoked turkey legs, bratwurst sausages, and honey-battered mini corn dogs.

Firehouse Ice Cream

Indulge your sweet tooth with hand-dipped ice cream, floats and sundaes created by LEGOLAND’s firehouse crew.

Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Bring your appetite to this all-you-can-eat buffet, cooking up savory and dessert pizzas; fresh salads; and steaming hot pasta paired with your favorite sauce. Coca Cola beverages are included with your meal.

Fun Town Treats

Cool off with an icy slushie, concocted with the flavor or flavors of your choice. Buy one at the beginning of your visit to the park to enjoy discounted refills for the rest of the day.

Funnel Cake Factory

Spoil yourself with made-to-order funnel cakes, heaped with toppings that include fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and soft-serve ice cream.

Granny’s Apple Fries

This LEGOLAND original features warm Granny Smith apple fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and served with a sweet whipped cream dipping sauce-- or a la mode. Can you say yum?

Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor

Get the scoop, quench your thirst and beat the heat at this classic ice creamery.

Kick’n Chicken Co.

Your kids won’t squawk at a meal of these hand-breaded chicken tenders. The restaurant also serves fresh grilled or breaded chicken sandwiches and burgers.

Kingdom Cones

Spoil yourself with scrumptious soft-serve ice cream combined with ‘flavor bursts,’ served in a waffle cone.

Ninja Kitchen Food Truck

Enjoy traditional egg rolls, fancy spring rolls, bao buns, and potstickers at this food truck, sited inside LEGO NINJAGO World.

Pepper & Roni's Pizza

Grab and go with a melt-a-licious personal-sized cheese, pepperoni or veggie pizza.

Taco Everyday

California street tacos in a variety of options will satisfy your hunger and won’t take a big bite out of your day.


Tantalize your tastebuds at this café with flash-chilled iced coffee; tavern ham, baby Swiss and egg croissant sandwiches; sundried tomato and spinach frittata wraps; and triple-smoked bacon quiche cups.

Ultimate Sandwich Builder

Parked in the Land of Adventure, this food truck invites you to dig into a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich; loaded mac ‘n’ cheese bowl; or even masterbuild your own meal.

Deli Takeover

Pick up a sub, hot pressed sandwich, or salad at this deli.


Get your favorite LEGO® toys, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort apparel and much more in the many diverse shops found throughout the Resort.

Wu’s Warehouse

Become the ninja with gear from Wu’s Warehouse, located in LEGO NINJAGO World.

LEGO Factory Experience

Any brick you’re looking for, you’re liable to find it on the store’s Pick-A-Brick wall, with a rainbow of colors and sizes. You can buy bulk quantities of LEGO bricks, or, for a special memento, get a LEGO brick engraved with your name on it while you shop.

Heartlake Mall

Here’s where to find girly delights, from jewelry to plush and LEGO Friends building sets.

Driving School Store

Celebrate your success at the Ford Driving School with your very own LEGOLAND Driver's License.

The Big Shop

Looking for a gift? Something to memorialize your LEGOLAND trip? This is where to find everything LEGO, including LEGO toy sets, LEGO exclusives, apparel and logo souvenirs.

Seasonal Events

LEGOLAND Florida Resort promises seasonal events to build even more fun into your day or stay… and they’re included in general admission. Some of the most famous happenings are:

Red, White & BOOM!

This multiday summer celebration delivers special, limited-time treats; fun activities; and a DJ Dance party; as well as an epic fireworks extravaganza where the fireworks explode into 3D LEGO bricks, thanks to unique viewing glasses.


Celebrate this bewitching bash on select nights in September and October to enjoy a fireworks show; new experiences; spooky amounts of candy; limited-time food offerings; and never-before-seen LEGO characters.

Holidays at LEGOLAND

Heralded as ‘the jolliest event of the year,’ Holidays at LEGOLAND lives up the hype with a chance to take ‘elfies’ with beloved LEGO Characters; drop by the Holiday Village Postal Service to send your letters to LEGO Santa; and rock around the towering LEGO tree to holiday tunes.
Be sure to ring in the New Year with a crazy, colorful explosion of LEGO bricks fireworks over Lake Eloise-- at a kid-friendly celebration time.

 -Experience Kissimmee

Park Information

Rainy Day Guarantee

Though you can enjoy indoor rides and activities aplenty at LEGOLAND, if the weather impacts ride availability for more than two hours during your visit, visit Guest Services or your hotel for a complimentary return visit coupon. Some exceptions and block out dates apply.

The Basics

Plan your visit with park hours; information about directions and parking; and height restrictions by ride. Make sure to check out the park’s top tips, including pointers about lockers, stroller rentals, and WiFi. Here’s where you can check out what to wear.
Remember to investigate upgrades like photo packages-- and FasTrack, beckoning you to skip the lines at your favorite rides.
LEGOLAND is built for everyone. Here’s accessibility info.

Map It

Here’s your map, complete with services like restrooms and information about parking, ride restrictions, and even smoking areas.

App it

Download the park’s mobile app to purchase tickets; get live updates on ride times; find an interactive map that will take you straight to any of the park’s rides, attractions, shops and restaurants; discover show times; explore dining options; and get all the park info you need, from directions to accessibility info.


Water Park

Upgrade your admission for access to the Water Park. A wave pool, lazy river, 14 slides, and interactive LEGO play areas make for the perfect way to soak up fun.

Rides & Attractions

Whether you slide, splash, or float, LEGOLAND Water Park is anything but a bellyflop. Kids of all ages-- plus mom and dad -- can play in the LEGO wave pool; glide down the Build-A-Raft lazy river; and pick from tube slides, body slides and interactive water-play areas. Here’s what you can find at LEGOLAND Water Park.


Dream up, create and then race your own LEGO watercraft.

Build-a-Raft Lazy River

This 1000-foot-long lazy river curves past whimsical LEGO models and lush landscaping framed with palms—and it comes with a cool twist. You can imagine, design and build your own unique LEGO vessel to float down it.

DUPLO Splash Safari

Made for kids ages six and under, this water play area offers short slides and interactive, larger-than-life DUPLO critters.

Joker Soaker

Start with a super splash from this interactive play area’s enormous 300 gallon bucket, and then explore the slides, climbing areas, water spouts and wading pool.

LEGO Wave Pool

Big enough for fun but not so huge the little ones can’t enjoy them, the waves in this pool are just right.

Splash Out

Yippee! Choose from three unique slides—including one that curves through an enclosed tube-- then speed down a 60-foot drop. You’ll understand where the ride’s name comes from when you reach the end of the slide and fly into the water.

Twin Chasers

Race your buddies and family on this intertwining pair of enclosed water slides that wind 375 feet down into a refreshing pool.

Water Park Dining

Nosh on tacos, burgers and hotdogs at the Water Park’s eateries. For dietary concerns, please email the LEGO Chefs at or visit Guest Services.

Beach Street Tacos

Refuel on cantina-style tacos served with Mexican rice and refried beans at Beach Street Tacos, where you can choose from a variety of fillings and fresh toppings. If you have the urge for something sweet, churro bites with chocolate sauce will hit the spot.

Beach-n-Brick Grill

This outdoor restaurant cooks up a vast assortment of meals, including fresh burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and salads.

Water Park Shopping

Surf Shop

Whatever you need for a day celebrating the water and sunshine -- from swimwear to sunscreen to sandals -- you’ll find it at the Surf Shop.

Peppa Pig Theme Park

Your toddlers will be squealing with delight over LEGOLAND Florida Resort’s newest addition, the world's only standalone theme park celebrating the much-loved children's TV series, Peppa Pig.  Devoted to preschoolers, none of the park’s rides have a height requirement more than 36 inches, and parents can accompany their kids on most of the rides.
Here, you can play games like bean-bag toss and hook-a-duck; take in spectacular views of the park aboard a hot air balloon aerial carousel; and let your little ones experience a roller-coaster ride made for laughter, not screams. Check out what you can look forward to at Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Rides and Attractions


Kick back on a beanbag with your kids and watch some of your favorite episodes of Peppa Pig on the big screen in an indoor cinema.

Daddy Pig' s Roller Coaster

In this ‘first rollercoaster’ experience, Daddy Pig invites you to join him on ride in his just- washed red car. The jaunt turns into an unexpected adventure when Mr. Bull digs up the road, and Daddy Pig takes a short cut.

Fun Fair

Aptly named, this fairground is chock-full of fun and free games. Try to hook a duck as they swim around the pond; put your skills to the test at Hoopla Ring Toss, Tin Can Tumbler and Bean Bag Toss; and pose in front of Miss Rabbit’s Wobbly Mirrors to see your reflection twist and stretch into giggle-worthy shapes and sizes. Taking a spin in the sky on Miss Rabbit’s hot air balloons to see the park from above is a must-do. Tiny adventurers can find pint-size thrills on Mr. Bull’s High Striker ride, a drop ride for small children.

George' s Fort

What is that strange noise? Navigate the maze in Granny Pig’s Garden to find out. (No worries, it’s just a frog.)

Grampy Rabbit' s Dinosaur Adventure

Mom and dad can ride alongside their wee explorers on this dinosaur expedition that winds past smoking volcanoes and through ancient mountains.

Grandad Dog' s Pirate Boat Ride

Set sail for Pirate Island on a boat ride with Grandad Dog. On arrival, you can dig for buried treasure and create sandcastles on the sandy beach.

Grandpa Pig' s Greenhouse

Kids can climb, crawl, and slide through this greenhouse-themed, interactive outdoor playground.

Madame Gazelle' s Nature Trail

Take a stroll on a nature trail and look for clues to discover who has left the tiny footprints. Remember to look through the binoculars.

Mr. Bull' s High Striker

Use your strength on Mr. Bull's hammer and bell to start this kid-friendly drop ride. Once the hammer hits the bell, you and your gang will go straight up in the air. When you come back down, it’s a bouncy trip, at least as fun as going up.

Mr. Potato' s Showtime Arena

Meet up with Peppa and her family under the canopy at Mr. Potato's stage to enjoy oink-tastic, live shows bursting with songs, games, giggles and snorts.

Muddy Puddles Splash Pad

Getting soaked is a blast in this play area filled with spouting fountains, slides, and other watery surprises. Don’t worry about the ‘muddy’ part; these puddles are considerably cleaner than the ones Peppa and George jump in on TV.

Rebecca Rabbit' s Playground

Bunny-hop, crawl and climb in outdoor active play area, full of rabbit burrows and complete with carrots.

Peppa' s Pedal Bike Tour and George’s Tricycle Trail

Pedal power will take your little ones through a camping adventure in the woods and past ice-capped mountains. Smaller cyclists can explore George's shorter pedal path on tricycles.

Peppa Pig' s Balloon Ride

Hold on tight and enjoy sweeping views of Peppa Pig Theme Park aboard this family-friendly, aerial carousel ride that features hot air balloons, not horses.

Peppa Pig' s Treehouse

Let the kids burn off some steam climbing and sliding in this outdoor play structure.

Pirate Island Sand Play

Dig for buried treasure and construct sandcastles on the beaches of Pirate Island.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Dining

Miss Rabbit's Diner

Hop over to Miss Rabbit's Diner for little piggy entrees like Mac & Cheese and pizza; adult-fare that includes Margherita Flatbread and Grilled Vegetable Ciabatta; and indulgences like Muddy Puddle Milkshakes.

Breakfast with Peppa

Begin your morning adventures with a scrumptious breakfast buffet in Miss Rabbit’s Diner, with Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig stopping by tables for oinks and tableside hugs with your little ones. A complimentary 6"x 8" souvenir photo is included with every grown-up reservation.
Breakfast with Peppa also includes exclusive access to some of the park’s top attractions before it opens to the public, including Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster and Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure.
Plan ahead; you can’t purchase Breakfast with Peppa the day of or at the park.

Plan your Visit to Peppa Pig Park

The Basics

Here’s info about the park’s hours; accessibility; parking and directions.

There’s an App for That

Download the mobile app to buy tickets; get live ride times and updates around the park; find an interactive resort map that will guide you right to whichever ride, attraction, shop or restaurant you want to visit; and have access to directions, park hours, and accessibility information.

Florida Travel: Tour the LEGOLAND Hotel at LEGOLAND Florida

Places to Stay

Make your getaway even more magical when you stay at one of LEGOLAND’s hotels, conveniently located right next to LEGOLAND Theme Park, Water Park, and Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Pirate Island Hotel

A mere 130 pirate-steps from LEGOLAND Park, this themed hotel boasts a free, family style breakfast; an in-room treasure hunt; separate sleeping space (with bunk beds) for young buccaneers; nightly kid's pirate entertainment; and a heated, resort-style pool.


LEGOLAND Hotel, only steps from the theme park, invites you to choose from themes that include Adventure, Kingdom, LEGO Friends, LEGO NINJAGO, Pirate, and The LEGO MOVIE. They vow to spoil you with a free hot, all you can eat family breakfast; free self-parking; separate kid's sleeping area; an in-Room Scavenger Hunt with LEGO prizes; and heated, resort-style pool.

Beach Retreat

The Beach Retreat is a seasonal, lakefront resort featuring themed LEGO bungalows. Just across the street from the theme park, it entices visitors with a free, hot all-you-can-eat breakfast; free self-parking included and transportation to LEGOLAND Theme Park + Water Park; a separate kid's sleeping area; a resort-style pool with lake views; and a kid's outdoor play area in every cove. Lunch and dinner are served daily, and it offers a full size bar.