By Carrie McLaren

A few weeks ago, while my family and I were at Walt Disney World, we visited the breathtaking ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant in New Fantasyland and the Magic Kingdom Park. 

Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into the classic ‘Beauty & the Beast’ story.  The iconic ballroom is overwhelmingly beautiful and the attention to detail is phenomenal.  

When you visit, be sure to look at the cherubs painted on the ceiling – they're said to be the faces of Disney Imagineers' children! How’s that for a legacy?

With quick-service dining available during the day, the restaurant is a sit-down service meal at night. Guests have the opportunity to dine in The West Wing, the Rose Gallery and the ballroom. ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant is also unique because at dinnertime, guests may order wine and beer with their meal – it’s a first inside the Magic Kingdom Park.

During our recent visit, we dined in the Rose Gallery surrounded by tapestries featuring Belle, Beast and friends.  The centerpiece of the room is an oversized music box figurine of Belle and Beast dancing, rumor has it you’ll can buy a smaller version of the music box soon!

As you enter the West Wing, you’ll see a much darker room, elaborate décor and hear thunder in the distance. As you dine, you’ll see the enchanted rose slowly lose its petals, transforming the beast into a prince. 

The French-inspired food featured at dinner includes Potato Leek Soup, Mussels Provençal, Braised Pork and other entrees. At lunch, guests can dine on Croque Monsieur, Vegetable Quiches and assorted sandiwiches.  Some of the children menu selections include Mickey Meatloaf, whole-grain macaroni and even grilled fish. And be sure and save room for dessert!  Guests can choose from a variety of cupcakes and even try the ‘Gray stuff’  - just like the movie says, it really is delicious!

During dinnertime hours, be sure and stop by the parlor to meet the Beast himself and have your picture taken! 

If you had the chance to dine at ‘Be Our Guest’... which room would you choose?

West Wing, Rose Gallery or the Ballroom?

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Here’s a great look at the restaurant from the folks at Walt Disney World and their fantastic Imagineers –