Conquering Florida: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

By Lauren Tjaden

Combining a top-notch zoo and legendary attractions, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay whips up a potent recipe for fun. Rides include storied coasters like Montu, Cheetah Hunt and Iron Gwazi; kid-centric pleasures like those in Sesame Street Safari of Fun; and family favorites that include a get-soaked expedition on the Congo River Rapids.

And that’s just the tip of the sandbar.

Busch’s zoo is as iconic as its attractions, a wondrous place where you can witness everything from surgeries to routine care on all kinds of critters at the Animal Care Center; get snuggly with impossibly cute, never-in-a-hurry sloths at Animal Connections; and visit the expansive Serengeti Plain, home to free-roaming herds of giraffe, zebra, antelope and ostrich.

You can discover shows like Turn It Up!, an ice-skating extravaganza; ooh and aww at over-the-top fireworks displays; and pick your pleasures from shopping, special events and behind-the-scenes tours.

Here’s everything you need to know about Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – from what to see and do to upgrades, park hours, FAQ and more.

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 Named for the lion’s roar, Kumba still reigns as king of the jungle on many lists of the world’s best coasters.
-Chris Joy

Rides and Attractions

Whether you’re yearning for thrills on legendary coasters that will make you scream like a little girl, or prefer family-friendly rides that will leave your littlest adventurers smiling, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is bound to please. Check out this list of rides, complete with ride thrill ratings.

Serengeti Flyer

The world’s tallest and fastest ride of its kind, the Serengeti Flyer employs twin dueling arms that climb higher and faster with each swing, delivering numerous negative-G thrills as it oscillates. It ultimately reaches blistering speeds of 68 mph and a beg-for-mercy altitude of 135 feet, providing expansive views Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s 65-acre Serengeti Plain-- if you’re brave enough to open your eyes, that is.
Ride Thrill: Extreme

Iron Gwazi

Just the bare facts about Iron Gwazi are enough to make your palms sweat. This wood and steel hybrid coaster promises 12 airtime moments; three inversions; a 206 foot-tall peak that tumbles into a 91-degree drop; and a max speed of 76 miles per hour, making it North America's tallest and the world's fastest and steepest hybrid coaster. Experts agree: Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards 2022 proclaimed Iron Gwazi as the best new roller coaster.
Ride Thrill: Extreme


Like its namesake, the tiger, Tigris is an agile, powerful beast—and you’re invited to climb aboard. This gasp-worthy expedition covers over 1,800 feet of steel track with looping twists; an inverted heartline roll; forward and backward motion; a 150-foot surge towards the heavens; and drops that will almost certainly leave your stomach behind.
Ride Thrill: High

Cheetah Hunt

A coaster-connoisseur favorite, Cheetah Hunt celebrates the fastest land animal with this steel, triple-launch roller coaster that curves high above the park before plummeting through a rocky gorge. Cheetah Hunt sprints over 4,400 feet, making it the park’s longest thrill ride.
Ride Thrill: High

Cobra’s Curse

Busch Gardens dares you to come face-to-fang with this spinning, family roller coaster, where every ride is different. On this unique, steel coaster, you’ll rise 70 feet only to wind up inches away from a menacing snake with four-foot-fangs. You’ll escape by speeding down a serpentine track, backwards, forwards and then spinning freely. Each train spins at random determined by the riders’ weight distribution.
Ride Thrill: Moderate


SheiKra uses a simple but astoundingly effective method to instill terror into passengers. It climbs 200 feet in the air, creeps over the edge of 90 degree drop, and then… stops. This gives you a good look at the plunge you’re about to take and time to think about life decisions. You’ll dive straight down at a searing 70 mph; tackle an Immelmann loop; experience a second dive into an underground tunnel; and finish the expedition with a splashdown that soaks SheiKra fans waiting to join in the fun.
Ride Thrill: Extreme


With seven blow-your-mind inversions, Montu is a coaster legend, with rave reviews noting, ‘the forces you feel at the back end of the ride when you hit that batwing are insane.’ Be prepared for climbs; a twisting drop; a 60-foot vertical loop; an Immelmann loop; a weightless roll and a batwing inversion. If you want to ramp up the white-knuckle-factor, sit in the back, where the ‘inversions get really whippy.’
Ride Thrill: Extreme

Congo River Rapids

Cooling off has never been more fun than on this whitewater rafting trip, a family-friendly expedition with exhilarating dips, a mysterious water cave, and waterfalls that guarantee to get you soaked. Bystanders beside the Congo River Rapids’ banks get in on the action by firing water spray jets at unsuspecting adventurers on the ride.
Ride Thrill: Moderate

Air Grover

Sited in the Sesame Street® Safari of Fun play area, this junior coaster welcomes kids with a mild ride piloted by Grover from Sesame Street. If your little ones are leery of their first roller coaster, you can accompany them on the trip.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly

Serengeti Express Train

Journey through Busch Garden's Serengeti Plain on a relaxing train ride to discover a natural wonderland populated with large, free-roaming herds of African animals, including giraffe, zebra, antelope, and ostrich. The train stops in Nairobi and Stanleyville.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly


Named for the lion’s roar, this infamous, high-speed roller coaster still reigns as king of the jungle on many lists of the world’s best coasters. Reasons include this monster’s seven inversions, an initial 135 foot drop, and one of the planet’s largest diving loops. Be prepared for a full three seconds of utter weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees.
Ride Thrill: Extreme

Grand Caravan Carousel

Pick a ride atop a glorious steed or enchanting creature on this classic family attraction, complete with bewitching lights and mirrors. Riders under 42” must be accompanied by a responsible person 14 years of age or older and are allowed only on the middle rows. Infants must be accompanied by a responsible person 14 years of age or older and must ride on a bench seat.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly

The Scorpion

Don’t worry, this coaster won’t sting… much. One of only three roller coasters of its kind left in the world, Scorpion challenges daredevils with a 360 degree loop and speeds of 50 miles per hour.
Ride Thrill: Moderate

Ubanga-Banga Bumper Cars

Step on the throttle and anticipate a full tank of fun on this timeless family classic, sited in the Congo Play Area.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly

Gwazi Gliders

Mild, not wild, aerial thrills are the name of the game on this colorful adventure. Guests must be 56" or less to ride. Handheld infants aren’t allowed.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly

Stanley Falls Flume

Go with the flow and cool down aboard this family-friendly log flume ride. You’ll weave through a lush jungle before the thrilling finale: a nosedive to a 40-foot splashdown.
Ride Thrill: Moderate

Falcon’s Fury

Inspired by skydiving, Falcon’s Fury is a 335-foot, freestanding drop tower. Rising to the peak of the ride takes about a minute, which allows you a lot of time to soak up the soaring views as well as for the fear-factor to build. At the tippy-top of the climb, your seat rotates 90 degrees, so you’re facing straight down. It’s at this moment that you realize your previous terror was just a warmup. Hang on-- you’re about to tumble 300 feet at 60 mph, with your nose leading the way.
Ride Thrill: Extreme

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Kid-friendly rides, a climbing area and laughter are abundant at Sesame Street Safari of Fun. Your wee ones can make a splash with Zoe-Patra and the Hippos of Nile, a calm water ride with one small hill; sway through the jungle on Rosita's Djembe Fly-Away, a petite carousel swing; and climb in Elmo’s Tree House. Always high on the favorites list, Bert & Ernie's Watering Hole is a water play area brimming with bubblers, geysers, jets, and dumping buckets. Cookie Monster Cloud Bounce will burn off some steam, begging kids to hop, jump, and play; while The Count's Zambezi Rally urges children pilot a race car. And that’s just for starters: a wealth of other experiences and adventures await.
Ride Thrill: Kid Friendly

Shows, Entertainment and Presentations

Your Busch Gardens admission is a ticket to world-class entertainment and spell-binding, live shows for all ages. Here’s what you won’t want to miss.

 Cirque Electric

Spinetingling acrobatic acts and stunts aim to keep you on the edge of your seat during this enthralling show at the Stanleyville Theater, held three times daily, Friday through Monday.

Turn It Up!

Garnering awards that include USA Today’s 10Best Award for Top 3 Theme Park Entertainment, this popular ice-skating production showcases gifted skaters, employing video and lights to amp up the drama. Enjoy it indoors at the Moroccan Palace Theater.

Storytime at Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Kid-centric and interactive, Storytime lights up the Sunny Day Theater stage daily, starring beloved Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird.

Summer Nights Fireworks Spectacular

The Spectacular delivers a blockbuster finale to your day of adventure and excitement, splashing the summer sky with vivid pyrotechnics matched with music. You can see it at 9 p.m. on the Festival Field on Fridays and Saturdays, plus select nights, during Summer Nights. The show is weather permitting and showtimes are subject to change. Check the daily show schedule for up to date showtimes.

Rescue Tails

Trot over to Pantopia Theater to discover the inspiring, unique stories of a rescued porcupine, grey fox, birds of prey and other creatures. Educational and heartwarming, the presentation teaches the importance of conservation.

Welcome To Our Street

Elmo, Abby, Grover, Rosita and Cookie Monster decide to put on a show to welcome their new friends to Sesame Street, but they can’t agree on the kind of show. Ideas include a dance show, a magic show, and a cookie show (you might be able to guess who had the last idea). With DJ Dani leading the way, the Sesame Street gang realizes they can host the most wonderful welcome show of all by working together.
Show times are daily in the Sunny Day Theater.


Sing along to live performances of legendary hits inspired by musical legends at this revue show at the Dragon Fire Grill. Check out the park schedule for Icons show times.

Gwazi Beats

This popular summertime show, a vibrant spectacle of drums and dancers, takes place nightly through early August in outdoor Gwazi Plaza.

Florida Travel: Meet Amazing Animals on the Serengeti Safari at Busch Gardens

Animal Experiences and Exhibits

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to more than 200 species of animals, delivering exemplary care to thousands of animals, from too-cute lemurs to speedy, endangered species like cheetahs. This highly accredited zoo invites you to journey into unique, natural habitats, like its 65-acre Serengeti Plain, home to free-roaming herds of giraffe, zebra, antelope and ostrich; and to take tours where you can get an insider’s view of creatures from penguins to gorillas to hippos.
Here’s your list of what to see and do.

Animal Experiences

Share the excitement and passion for Busch Garden’s critters via up-close encounters.

Animal Connections
Connect with Busch Garden’s famed animal ambassadors at Animal Connections in Nairobi, including two-toed sloths. These adorable, slow-moving herbivores spend the vast majority of their lives upside down in the trees, and eat, sleep, mate and give birth from this unusual vantage point.
You can also meet a unique flock of 20 flamboyant flamingos at Animal Connections, hand-raised birds that help spread the word about conservation both inside and outside of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Serengeti Safari
Reserve a seat on a roomy, open-air touring vehicle for 30-minute trek across the 65-acre Serengeti Plain, a natural habitat that’s home to zebras, giraffes and ostriches. On this award-winning tour, your guide will share the Serengeti’s secrets and stories. You might even have the chance to let a giraffe nibble treats out of your fingers.

Walkabout Way
Fun is just a hop away at Walkabout Way, where you can hand-feed Busch Gardens’ mob of kangaroos and meet their cousins, wallabies and wallaroos. Due to the interactive nature of this habitat, guests must be at least five year old to enter.

Animal Care Center
No trip to Busch Gardens is complete without visiting the state-of-the-art Animal Care Center, featured on the hit, Emmy-nominated TV series The Wildlife Docs. Here, you can watch zoological professionals deliver routine health care; take X-rays; and perform surgeries on a diverse range of critters. It gets better: you might even be able to take part in the procedures. The Center is open daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Drop by to check the day’s procedure schedule.

Lory Landing
Fly over to Lory Landing to hand feed sweet nectar to brightly-hued, boisterous Lorikeets. These small birds belong to the parrot family and in the wild, are widespread in Australia and its surrounding islands as well as in some remote islands in the South Pacific.

Animal and Theme Park Tours
Get even closer to and learn more about the animals you love with Busch Garden’s Behind the Scenes experiences. Offerings include a wide array of animal encounters; theme park tours; tour geared around events like Howl-O-Scream and Bier Fest; tours centered around attractions like roller coasters; and tours geared towards your preferences.
The Elite VIP tour is in the cater-to-your-every-whim category, determined to spoil you with front-of-the-line access to rides, up-close animal encounters and feeding opportunities, and lunch at your favorite restaurant.
Animal Tours are too numerous to list, but you’re sure to find one starring your favorite creatures at Busch Gardens. Go for grey and big with an Elephant Insider Tour, swing over to Jungala for an Orangutan Insider Tour, or get behind-the-scenes on a Penguin Insider Tour. Or check out these Busch Garden’s Tours to see which ones speak to your heart.

 Animal Exhibits

You don’t need to venture into remote areas of Central and South Africa to see Black rhinos – just visit the Serengeti Plain at Busch Gardens. These rhinos use their hooked lips as special tools for munching on leaves and twigs, and weigh from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds.
If you think that’s ginormous, take a gander at the Southern white rhinos, also roaming the plain. Native to eastern and southern Africa, these colossal mammals can measure more than six-feet-tall at the shoulder and weigh as much as 5,000 pounds.

Your kitty may not like baths, but tigers are an altogether different affair. These striped beauties enthusiastically splash into water to cool off or to chase prey, and they’re formidable swimmers that can cross lakes and rivers. At Jungala, you can check out the Bengal tigers-- immense cats by any measure, with males weighing nearly 500 pounds—and maybe even see them take a dip.

Explore Busch Garden’s Nairobi to snag a close-up look at the world’s largest land mammals, Asian elephants. If you want to get even closer to this endangered species, opt for one of the daily connections at the Elephant Interaction Wall.

You’re invited to take an expedition to the Edge of Africa® to witness the park’s clan of spotted hyenas, which are neither canine nor feline but part of the Hyaenidae family. Often thought of as scavengers, in reality, hyenas are skilled, aggressive predators. As their population in the wild is diminishing, Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay is has welcomed two baby hyenas into the cackle as part of the Species Survival Program.

It’s true: no two zebra's stripes are alike. Check it out for yourself when you embark on the Serengeti Express Train, Serengeti Safari® Tour or at Edge of Africa®, where you can see two species of zebra: Grant's zebras, which have fat stripes that extend around their bellies, and Grevy’s zebras, with narrow stripes and white bellies. Members of the horse family, zebras have complex communication skills and can sleep standing up.

As nature’s tallest creatures, giraffes are surprisingly nimble. They can sprint up to 35 mph and have been known to jump up to six feet in the air. And they’re fascinating: Giraffes’ necks are too short to reach the ground; they spend most of their lives standing up; and they only need five to 30 minutes of sleep each day. You can come face-to-muzzle with these spotted wonders on the Serengeti Plain, which you can access on the Serengeti Safari® tour, the Serengeti Express train, or from multiple viewing points on the Edge of Africa® path.

And there’s more!
Check out all of Busch Gardens’ amazing animals, including a slithery world of snakes, alligators and crocodiles; warm-weather-loving African penguins; and primates like gorillas, chimps and lemurs.

A European visitor samples funnel cake for the first time at Busch Gardens.

-Lauren Tjaden


Restaurants and Dining

With this much fun, you’ll need fuel. No worries at Busch Gardens. You can recharge at eateries throughout the park, from grab-and-go goodies to sit-down meals and offerings for every appetite. You can indulge in sweet treats; sink your teeth into barbecue ribs; enjoy a veggie burger; or chill out with a cold one. Here’s your list of where to eat at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Zagora Café

Take a trip to Morocco for classic American fare that includes grilled bacon cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and treats like caramel cheesecake.
Dining Experience: Restaurant

Giraffe Bar

This aptly-named bar welcomes guests with handcrafted cocktails; frozen specialty drinks; Florida craft brews; and domestic favorites complemented by a serene backdrop of African animals on the Serengeti Plain. This expansive indoor/outdoor venue features shaded and air-conditioned comfort as well as multiple TVs for sports fans.

Twisted Tails Pretzels

Temptations abound at Twisted Tails, with a smorgasbord of savory and sweet pretzels fresh from the oven. Team up your twist with a refreshing draft beer, wine, or Coca Cola beverages.
Dining Experience: Quick Bite


Florida’s first theme park Chick-fil-A greets you with iconic favorites that include chicken sandwiches, nuggets, waffle fries and milkshakes. It’s open Monday through Saturday, but closed on Sundays.
Dining Experience: Fast Casual

Dragon Dog

Head to Dragon Dog, located in Pantopia, to bite into gourmet hot dogs that include ‘The Don,’ a concoction of Italian sausage, onions and peppers served on a soft roll, and the ‘Bacon Cheddar,’ a hot dog wrapped in bacon and lavished with cheese sauce, mustard, and caramelized onion. Mobile food ordering is available to get your dogs faster.
Dining Experience: Quick Bite

Oasis Pizza

Take in tranquil views from Serengeti Overlook while you recharge with an oven-fresh pizza or a garden salad. Indoor and outdoor seating are available.
Dining Experience: Counter Service

Zambia Smokehouse

Follow your nose to Zambia Smokehouse, where tantalizing aromas from the open barbecue pit hint at the feast to come. Offerings include Texas style sliced brisket and a St. Louis ribs platter, both slow-cooked with hickory and oak wood, kid-friendly fare like mac and cheese, and desserts that include S’mores cheesecake and seasonal cobbler.
Dining Experience: Restaurant

Dragon Fire Grill and Pub

Nosh your way through this market-style restaurant that hosts live entertainment. Dishes include pizza, chicken platters, burgers and Asian cuisine. Adults can kick back with a brew at the Dragon Fire Pub, pouring a selection of refreshing craft brews and cocktails.
Dining Experience: Food Court


Whether you forgot to bring a hat, want a souvenir T-shirt from your favorite ride, or need some retail therapy, Busch Garden has you covered. Get ready to shop!

Iron Gwazi Gifts

Commemorate your plunge down Iron Gwazi’s 206-foot-peak with apparel, trading pins, and souvenirs paying homage to the ride. You’ll also find retro merchandise celebrating the original, dueling wooden coaster.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Choose, stuff, name and design your own furry friend to bring home as a snuggly memory of your day at Busch Gardens. This Moroccan Village shop also offers exclusive Busch Gardens clothing and accessories.

Kariba Marketplace

Sited between Stanley Falls Flume and SheiKra, Kariba Marketplace offers Busch Gardens merchandise and ice-cold drinks.

Nature's Kingdom

Nature and culture inspire authentic African carvings, instruments and home décor in Nature’s Kingdom.

Tiger Treasures Gift Shop

Situated near Tigris in Stanleyville, Tiger Treasures is brimming with unique, tiger-inspired apparel, toys, and souvenirs.

Cobra's Crypt Marketplace

The marketplace at Cobra's Curse is chock-full of colorful ride memorabilia, with items like plush, curvy snakes; coffee mugs adorned with serpents; and apparel adorned with slithery creatures.

Painted Camel Bazaar

Intricate, hand-painted wooden horses and elephants; eclectic treasures and themed merchandise take center stage in this Pantopia store. The store décor and displays are worth a look in their own right: each has a story and many have been repurposed from retired Busch Garden’s attractions.

Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hut

Make your wee ones smile with Sesame Street gifts and keepsakes.


Here’s where to snap up all things Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: souvenirs, apparel, hats, jewelry, accessories, gifts, toys and stuffed animals.

Marrakesh Market

If fun and funky are your style, make sure to drop into Marrakesh Market.


This original Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Conservation store invites guests to explore unique offerings from every corner of the globe. You’ll also discover Guy Harvey merchandise here: gorgeous shirts depicting vivid coral reefs, fish and turtles; coffee mugs and even dog collars.

 In full public view, a white-cheeked gibbon undergoes an ultrasound test at Busch Gardens' new Animal Care Center.
-Busch Gardens

Camps and Education

Delivering education with a generous dose of thrills, Busch Gardens offers group camps, day and resident camps, educational field trips and team-building experiences for students of all ages.

Summer Camps

Busch Gardens’ Summer Day Camp for kids, tailored to your student’s grade level and interests, means new friends, experiences like coming face-to-muzzle with a giraffe, and thrills like braving North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower.
The park’s Overnight Summer Resident Camp is a multi-day, all-inclusive sleepaway experience based out of a secure, onsite dormitory, perfect for young people searching for careers in the zoological or veterinary fields, or for those who just want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

School Programs

Busch Gardens’ School Programs turns its world-class zoological facility into a classroom where students of all grades can learn about and connect with animals from around the globe. Due to the educational focus of the program, Busch Gardens' rides, shows, and attractions are not included in the School Programs—though you can add them on at the end of the day.
With a smorgasbord of fascinating topics, students can learn about science through the eyes of nature, learn about careers in the zoological field, and embark on animal expeditions.


Busch Gardens hosts slumber parties for groups of 20 kids or more. The festivities include a pizza dinner, continental breakfast, and Camp T-shirt and water bottle for each participant. Included in this category is The Jungala Jubilee, a for-real wild birthday bash, featuring a pajama party and meet and greet with jungle critters.

Programs for Teachers

Kids don’t have a corner on fun at the zoo. Programs for educators let you learn about Busch’s animals and expand your network in the Tampa Bay Area- including offerings like Zookeeper for a Night, a sleepover for the adult set.

And There’s More!

Check out all of Busch Garden’s educational and camp programs, including youth group activities and community programs.


Whenever you visit Busch Gardens Tampa, you’ll find something to celebrate, whether it’s a joyful Christmas bash; Halloween events bound to make you shiver; or even beer. Summer Nights rejoices the entire season, serving up extended park hours; entertainment that includes aerobatic stunt performances by the Cirque Electric; a Fireworks Spectacular; themed party zones to show off your best dance moves; and a chance to tackle some of the Sunshine State’s craziest thrill rides after dark.

Here’s where you can check out what’s happening when you’re in the neighborhood.

Park Information

Park Hours and Show Schedules

Click on specific dates in the calendar to see showtimes, or check back within a week of your visit date.

Nothing but Blue Sky

Busch’s Sunny Day Guarantee policy means that if rain spoils the fun, you’ll be eligible to receive a complimentary visit to the park to use within one year of your visit. See details on the FAQs page.

Busch Gardens Blog

Here’s where you can learn the latest news about events like National Roller Coaster Day; find episodes of Wild Encounters, a web series that gives you inside information about some of Busch’s creatures and their caretakers; and find free phone wallpapers featuring your favorite rides, like this Wallpaper Wednesday entry highlighting Colossal Curl.

Busch Garden’s Tampa Bay Map

Check out or download this detailed map to help navigate the fun.

Get the FAQs

Here’s where you can find answers to frequently asked questions, including information about parking and fees; ride restrictions; lockers; kennels; what to wear; and everything else under the sun.

Accessibility Guide and Services

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment to all guests. They have two programs to help guests with disabilities.
The Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) matches the abilities of individual guests to the requirements of each ride. Enroll in the RAP to participate in the park’s Special Access Program, assisting guests in enjoying attractions throughout the park – because some queue lines aren’t accessible to mobility-impaired guests. Download the accessibility guide to find details about these programs along with related access information for rides and theaters. The guide also has information about service animals, special dietary needs, and wheelchair accessible gift shops (which are all of them).  If you have questions, contact the folks at Busch Gardens Guest Services at or (813) 884-4FUN.

There’s an App for That

Busch Garden’s invites you to download their pocket guide to park adventure, with a mobile guide that lets you see park hours for the day; check out animal experiences, shows, rides, events, and dining; see upcoming show times; upgrade your experience with a Quick Queue®, All-Day Dining Deal, or insider tours.
It also lets you turn your phone into a ticket, and has an interactive map so you can find your favorite coaster… or the closest bathroom.

Buy Tickets

Pick from any-day tickets, to those for specific dates and parks.

Upgrades and Add-ons

Amp up your Busch Gardens adventure with offerings like the Quick Queue Unlimited + Iron Gwazi & Serengeti Flyer One-Time Ride, a popular add-on that welcomes you to skip the lines and get one-time priority access to these blockbuster rides; buy an all-day dining deal; spoil yourself with an elite VIP tour; get preferred parking; and memorialize your adventures with photos from PhotoKey.

Places to Remember