As I discussed in an earlier blog, Golf Digest named its best buddies golf trip destinations and four Florida golf spots made the list – Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Naples and Orlando.

Also in the magazine’s January issue, editor Jerry Tarde added his five rules for a buddies golf trip, which are good discussion fodder for golfers. His list, and my thoughts about his tips for having the best golf trips for guys:

1. “Splurge and hire a driver.” Obviously this depends on the size of your group, but my buddies golf trips over the years with five to seven buddies have gotten a lot of mileage, so to speak, from fun in the car. Buddy Greg usually drives and Brad navigates, and we’re guaranteed to detour for ice cream.

2. “Don’t play 36 holes two days in a row.” At 28, I scoffed at this. At 38, I’m hearing it loud and clear. But if the second 18 is just irresistible (or already paid for), consider alternate-shot or a scramble or another fun format that won’t wear everyone out.

3. “Eat in good restaurants.” Tarde reasons that this allows you to have something to look forward to even if the golf isn’t satisfying, and I totally agree. Two years ago, my guys and I had a memorable meal on the balcony of A1 Ale Works overlooking downtown St. Augustine and the waterfront after playing the King & Bear. We were still talking about it midway through the next day's round.

4. “Get single rooms,” because you’ll see enough of each other during the day, Tarde said. I’ll log my strongest objection on this rule. Eight guys on a golf trip in eight rooms? That sounds wasteful and wrong. Pairing up doesn't have to mean a lack of rest (my guys are +1 handicap sleepers), plus the added camaraderie and savings are well worth it.  Me and my guys would no sooner do single rooms than we’d all rent our own cars.

5. “Maximum triple bogeys and pick it up.” Amen.