Carrabelle Beach, home to miles of pristine beaches, features two public beaches that are a mere half-mile and one-minute drive apart: Old Carrabelle Beach Park, located at 1740 Carrabelle Beach Dr, Carrabelle, FL 32322, and Carrabelle Beach Park, located at 1860 Highway 98 W, Carrabelle, Florida 32322.


Both beach parks are quiet with an old Florida vibe, but these twin stretches of sand have different personalities. Old Carrabelle Beach is about nature, tranquility and seclusion, a secret, romantic hideaway without facilities. While never overly crowded, Carrabelle Beach is more popular, with families firing up the grills; kids wading in the placid surf; and beachgoers searching for shells along the shoreline.

See, feel

Protected by offshore barrier islands, both Old Carrabelle and Carrabelle promise gentle waves; frequent dolphin sightings; and glorious sunsets. Their sand is likewise almost the same, white across the dunes and cocoa-colored by the water, and scattered with shells like olives, conchs and whelks. The beaches border St. George Sound’s clear, blue-green waters.

On or near the beach

Swimming and playing in the waves; working on perfecting your tan; and hunting for shells are time honored ways to spend the day on Carrabelle’s beaches. Carrabelle is particularly beloved by families because of its gently sloping bottom and amenities like picnic pavilions and restrooms. Old Carrabelle is a favorite with anglers because of the nearby grass flats that deliver fabulous fishing in the summer and fall, and couples yearning for an almost private getaway. Birders will likewise appreciate Old Carrabelle: stroll to the east side of the beach to discover shallow oyster beds and frequent spring-through-fall sightings of Black Skimmers, Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Short-billed Dowitchers and Marbled Godwits.


Neither beach park has accessible features.


Old Carrabelle doesn’t have any facilities. Carrabelle offers restrooms; outside showers; 10 picnic pavilions with benches and tables; and grills.


There are no lifeguards; swim at your own risk.


Old Carrabelle Beach Park doesn’t have any formal parking, while Carrabelle Beach Park offers free parking with about 40 spaces, including parking for RVs.

Places to Remember