For decades, Amtrak's Silver Meteor train has made its way from New York to Miami, keeping almost the same schedule and route throughout the years.

Every day, Amtrak’s Silver Meteor passenger train leaves New York's Penn Station southbound for Miami, and Miami northbound for New York. The train has overnight sleeping compartments, a dining car and lounge, in addition to large comfortable coach seats. Amtrak has also recently revamped the menu, offering improved regional entrees.

The train began in 1939, when the Seaboard Air Line, which served Florida, decided it needed a branded and streamlined overnight train that would rival the famous Zephyrs of the railroads of the west.

Unlike many other overnight trains, the Silver Meteor Train (and sister train Silver Star) survived the transition when the Florida passenger railroad system became consolidated under Amtrak in 1971. The routes are remarkably the same as they were decades ago, offering service to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and many other communities.

Back in 1965, the train left New York at 10:45 a.m. and split in two once it got to Florida. The next day it got to Miami at 9 a.m. and Venice at 8:20 a.m. Today, the Silver Star sister train keeps about the same departure times out of New York.

The Silver Meteor now leaves NYC in the afternoon, and arrives in Miami in the morning on its 27-hour journey each direction. It still offers many of the old touches, including a lounge, full dining service, coach and sleeping car service with in-car attendants.

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