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- Peter W. Cross and Patrick Farrell

Cover-Your-Event Insurance

Weather is what it is, and we can’t change that. In truth, the probability that a meeting may be impacted by weather is very low. Nevertheless, the perception held by meeting planners is different. Their reluctance is based on a heightened sensitivity to risk associated with having an event disrupted by a hurricane. To address this perception and to minimize risk, VISIT FLORIDA has developed Cover Your Event insurance. This unique tool has been very successful over the past several years; we insure well over 100 meetings annually with an approximate economic impact of over $30 million annually.

This free program offers coverage that will reimburse a meeting in the unlikely event of a cancellation due to a named hurricane during the coverage period. The event must be rescheduled at the same or nearest available venue in Florida within 12 months in order for coverage to apply. This program will pay for the room differential and extra expenses for rescheduling the event. The premium on this insurance is at no cost to you or the organization planning the meeting.

We believe that this will put you in the best position should hurricane season raise its head as an objection to closing your deal.

You can find more information on the program and application process here.

Availability for this program is limited and subject to insurance carrier approval.