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- Peter W. Cross and Patrick Farrell

Cover-Your-Event Insurance now for Hurricane Seasons 2024 - 2026

Weather is what it is, and we can’t change that. In truth, the probability that a meeting may be impacted by weather is very low. Nevertheless, some organizations are sensitive to the risks associated with planning an event during hurricane season in Florida. Meeting planners are well acquainted with these concerns and VISIT FLORIDA wants to help assuage some of those fears. VISIT FLORIDA’s Cover Your Event insurance program is here to help meeting planners and organizations feel confident in scheduling their events in Florida!

New this year, to better track the sales cycle, this program is taking applications for hurricane seasons through 2026!

The program is free. If your event is canceled due to a named hurricane, this coverage will reimburse you the difference in room rate and additional costs of rescheduling your meeting.

We believe that this will put you in the best position should hurricane season raise its head as an objection to closing your deal.

You can find more information on the program and application process here.

Availability for this program is limited and subject to approval.