Have a question about your trip to Florida? Before you go, check the answers to this list of frequently asked questions:

Can I extend my car rental?
Yes, you can extend the dates of your car rental. You can make arrangements at the counter upon pick-up. The car company will quote you the cost at that time.

Can I upgrade my car rental?
Yes, you can upgrade your car rental at the counter upon pick-up. The car company will quote you the cost at that time.

Can I rent car seats for my children?
Yes, you can rent Infant, Child, and Booster seats for an additional fee from the rental car company. We can quote you the cost when setting up your itinerary but we cannot guarantee them in advance. They can be requested at the counter upon car pick-up.

I’m under 25. Can I still rent the car?
Yes. Renters 20 years of age and older can rent the car. Please refer to your prize certificate for additional information.

I don’t have a driver’s license. What are my options?
You have two options. You can forfeit this portion of your prize package or you can allow a member of your travel party who has a valid driver’s license and who is over 20 years old to rent the vehicle.

I thought this was a free trip. Why do I have to have a credit card for the car rental?
A major credit card with available credit is required at car rental pick-up. This is to cover additional charges that may be incurred, such as not returning the vehicle with a full tank of gas, and to protect the car rental company from you taking off forever with their car.

Why do I have to show proof of car insurance?
This is not required. However, if you show proof of your own personal automobile insurance coverage at the time of car rental pickup, you can avoid paying extra insurance coverage during the time of your rental. VISIT FLORIDA does not cover the cost of this insurance, so we recommend bringing proof of insurance coverage so you can avoid an added expense.