Discover Spook Hill in Lake Wales

    By Gary McKechnie

    Long before there were theme parks and manmade attractions, there was a Spook Hill in Lake Wales where folks could park their wagon at the bottom of the hill and, somehow, roll up the hill without nudging the horses.

    After horseless carriages came along, they could do the same thing without pressing on the gas pedal. To see what I mean, watch this video on youtube:

    Nearly everyone in Florida has heard of Spook Hill in Lake Wales and a few years ago I went to experience it for myself. I’m sure it’s an optical illusion (at least I’m pretty sure it is) but what I enjoy even more is knowing that this bit of Old Florida is still around.

    Still simple, still free, and still entertaining.

    If you’re heading to Lake Wales to visit Legoland or Bok Tower Gardens, take a brief detour. Take a ride up Spook Hill.


    Spook Hill in Lake Wales has mystifed drivers for decades.

    - Gary McKechnie