Three Sisters Springs

Three Sisters Springs, a unit of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, is an important winter habitat for Florida manatees. You can see this spectacular event by visiting our boardwalk! These natural springs stay a constant temperature of 72 deg F (22 C), and from mid-November to late March when the temperature in the Gulf of Mexico cools off, manatees will migrate into the springs to stay warm. Parking on the refuge is limited to vehicles with a handicapped permit. The City of Crystal River operates trolley tours to the boardwalk, and visitors can pay admission and hop on the trolley at the Three Sisters Springs Center at 123 NW US Highway 19 in Crystal River. More information can be found by visiting:

Located in Kings Bay, and in the town of Crystal River, Three Sisters Springs is the gem of Florida's beautiful Nature Coast! The Nature Coast is designated as an Outstanding Florida Waterway and visitors can find ample opportunities for boating, diving, swimming, fishing as well as a variety of manatee eco-tours.