Cover Your Event (CYE) Insurance for Florida Meetings & Conferences

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The Florida Sunshine State welcomes visitors year 'round and there is good reason. Destination Matters... the majority of the days include the sun shining and beautiful weather that makes you more upbeat. During our late summer and early fall it is a great time and opportunity to host your meeting due to the incredible values, and your attendees will want to bring along their families during your meeting.

With this in mind, VISIT FLORIDA offers your meeting a complimentary Cover Your Event (CYE) Insurance. During the months of August, September and October, this supplemental insurance is intended to cover any cost directly related to re-booking a meeting should it be displaced due to a named hurricane. CYE ensures that you can plan your meeting with confidence, and to take full advantage of Florida's unsurpassed hotels and venues during these months, or any time of year, while benefiting from our outstanding summer and fall values.

VISIT FLORIDA invites you to Florida any time of year... It's good business to do business in Florida! 

CYE applications for August, September, October and November 2015 and August, September, October  and November 2016, are now being accepted.

To apply, carefully review the details and disclaimer below and click Submit. 

  • Sub limit per insured event of $100,000 if 100-300 room nights; $150,000 if 301-500 room nights; and $200,000 if over 500 room nights over a minimum of two nights. Available during August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, November 2015, August 2016, September 2016, October 2016 and November 2016.

  • Loss due to named hurricanes only.

  • Coverage will pay for room rate differential and any extra expense of rescheduling event. Examples of extra expenses are reprinting of program books, signage, banners, etc.

  • August, September, October and November 2015 and August, September, October and November 2016 are available.

  • This offer is good for meetings that are designed for business purposes only.

  • Event must be rescheduled in Florida at same or nearest available venue within 12 months.

  • If the event is not rescheduled there is no claim.

  • Lost profits are not a covered loss.

  • VISIT FLORIDA will pay for all premiums.

  • Offered by Marsh Affinity Group Services, a service of Seabury and Smith out of Chicago, IL.

  • Limited availability and subject to insurance carrier approval.

DISCLAIMER: VISIT FLORIDA and Marsh Affinity will make every effort, but CANNOT guarantee coverage if the meeting you have requested CYE insurance for is scheduled to start within twenty-one (21) days from the date you completed your application. Furthermore, any NAMED hurricanes will be excluded from coverage if they already exist at the time of your application.

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