Off the Beaten Path in Wakulla Springs State Park


The first time I visited Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park (about 15 miles south of Tallahassee) I remember two things very clearly: There were deer walking along the quiet road that led to the lodge and I had seldom seen deer before, and the 1937 Spanish Mediterranean-style lodge was one of the most beautiful hotels I’d ever seen.

There’s so much to see that I think Wakulla Springs should be on every traveler’s itinerary. 

Certainly off the beaten path, it’s also one of the most interesting places in Florida. Not only is the natural spring here the largest in Florida (260 million gallons of crystal clear water are gushing out of it every day) but as a state park it also offers...

The aforementioned 1930s lodge with an authentic soda fountain (order the ginger yip!)

A dining room

Hotel rooms

Wwimming in the spring

Narrated river tours with a naturalist and, perhaps best of all...

A history that stretches back far enough to include a 25,000-year-old mastodon skeleton (now on display at the state museum in Tallahassee)

Film immortality through "The Creature from the Black Lagoon’" and "Tarzan " movies, all filmed here.

History, recreation, nature, and lodging. It’s all here waiting for you in one of Florida’s finest off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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