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FAQ About Florida Tourism, Florida Travel and Florida Vacations |

1. Likes, comments and submissions

What does “I like this story” do?
VISITFLORIDA's new “likes” system is a rating scale based on how many people like the content; basically, it's the equivalent of a thumbs up. If you find a photo, article, video or listing that you like, simply click “I like this!” to add your vote.

Who can add comments?
Registered users can add comments to photos, videos, articles and listings. If you are not a registered user, you will be prompted with a simple registration form when you go to post your first comment. You will then receive an email asking to activate your new account. After activation, you will be able to post comments throughout the site.

What are the guidelines for posting comments?
All submissions are the property of VISIT FLORIDA.
Comments not related to travel in Florida will not be posted.
Comments that are profane, illegal, libelous or political in nature will not be posted.
Comments that are known to be untrue or are promotional in nature will not be posted.
All comments are subject to editorial review to correct grammar and spelling, delete expletives and provide additional commentary to a user’s submission for clarification purposes.
Comments are posted in real time unless: 1) it is flagged as profane or inappropriate, based on a list of banned words. 
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What are the guidelines for submitting photos, videos and/or trips?
All submissions, including photos and videos, are the property of VISIT FLORIDA.
Submissions not related to travel in Florida will not be published.
Submissions that are profane, illegal, libelous or political in nature will not be posted.
Submissions that are known to be untrue or are promotional in nature will not be posted.

2. Video and photo uploads

What are the video and photo submission guidelines?
We accept .avi , .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv video file types
Videos cannot exceed 15MB
Photos must be JPGs in RGB mode only, 465x465 pixels minimum
You can only upload one photo at a time
Photo file max size is 3mb
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3. Visiting Florida

When is Spring Break and what are the areas most heavily visited for Spring Break?
Spring Break vacation times vary from school to school. Some start as early as late February, however March through April are the months when most Spring Breaks occur. Students on Spring Break visit destinations all over the state, but the areas with the most Spring Break activities are Daytona Beach, Key West, Miami and Panama City Beach.

When is “Season”?
“Season” refers to an area’s busiest tourist season and varies by area. In general, the summer months will be season in the northern part of the state, while the winter months are season for most of the central and southern areas. For information about a specific area’s season, contact the local Visitors Bureau.

What beaches are closest to Orlando?
The Daytona Beach area is approximately a one-hour drive from Orlando to the east, and the Space Coast area is only 35 miles to the east. To the west, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas are approximately a two-hour drive.

How can I obtain a Florida Highway Map, Visitor Guide or other printed VISIT FLORIDA publications?
You may request free maps and publications to be mailed to you here.

What are the average monthly temperatures in Florida?
For records on Florida’s climate, visit

What are average water temperatures of Florida’s beaches?
The water temperature for the Gulf of Mexico (West Coast) ranges from the low to mid 60s January through March and up into the 80s from June through September. Atlantic Ocean waters (East Coast) are several degrees cooler. Northern beaches are always a few degrees cooler than southern ones.

How can I find out which beaches and state parks allow pets?
For information on Florida State Parks policies about pets, visit For information about other beaches where pets are allowed, contact the area’s local Visitors Bureau.

4. Transportation and Accessibility

How can I get information on driving safely in Florida? 
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) provides detailed safety tips and educational materials for driving in the state of Florida here

Does Florida have any highway rules or laws that may differ from my state of origin?

Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website here and here for more information on Florida highway safety laws and other important information. 

How can I found out what handicap services are available in an area?
Contact the local Visitors Bureau for information on services in their specific area.

How can I find information on transportation options?
A list of Partners offering transportation options and other travel-related services can be found here.

Does Florida require international travelers who wish to drive in the state to have an International Driving Permit? For the latest information about International Driving Permits for international visitors, click here.

5. Partnership and Advertising

Why do some areas show no listings for restaurants, attractions or other categories?
Businesses listed on are participants in the VISIT FLORIDA Partnership program.  If there are no members in a particular destination, a page will return no results. For more information on businesses in the area, contact the local Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Bureau.

How do I get a listing on this Web site?
Businesses listed on are participants in the VISIT FLORIDA Partnership program. Our affordable Partnership levels provide increased consumer exposure for your business and access to marketing programs. For more information on becoming a VISIT FLORIDA Partner, click here.

How do I advertise on this Web site?
For information on advertising, click here.

How do I find out if a business is legitimate or file a complaint?
Contact the Florida Division of Consumer Services at or 1-800-HELPFLA.

6. Local Webcams

How do I add my local webcam to
Webcams are not hosted by VISIT FLORIDA, rather third-party sites. If you would like to submit your webcam for inclusion on, please complete the online submission form. We are looking for webcams with a clear view showing the current state of Florida beaches. Priority is given to webcams from VISIT FLORIDA's DMO Partners and those with the least amount of obstruction of beach view.

7. Other FAQ

How can I get information on relocating to Florida?
Contact the local Chambers of Commerce for relocation information.

Where can I find information about Florida for a school project?
For school report information and fun facts about Florida, visit For other facts and information about Florida visit the official government site,