Q&A: Beachfront Property Rental 101

By: Dalia Colon


Renting a beachfront property isn't just something people do in the movies. It's a practical way to get more bang for your vacation buck.

On a recent trip to Amelia Island, Hubby and I stayed at 102 Oceans, a condo that's a stone's throw – literally – from the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about feeling like you're on vacation! We stayed up for hours taking in the view, alternating between the huge living room windows and the unfiltered view from the private patio.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is managed by ERA Fernandina Beach Realty. The company, which has been in business more than 36 years, specializes renting in oceanfront hotel room, condos and houses that sleep up to 12 people. That's certainly less expensive than renting a dozen individual hotel rooms – and a lot more fun. It's like a giant sleepover!

ERA broker Steve Simmons shared some insights into beachfront rentals.

Dalia Colon: How do you help people determine what type of property is a good fit for their vacation?

Steve Simmons: The first thing we try to find out is, what are you looking for in a vacation? Have you been here before? Do you like a particular part of the island you would like to return to? Let's talk a little bit about your family. A lot of times we'll find that they're really coming here for a family reunion, or they're coming here with a wedding party. ... We try to locate them a convenient location for that.

DC: What types of discounts can people ask about?

SS: It depends on what time of the year it is. We do have some discounts in various times of the year. Our busiest vacation time here, obviously, is near the summer, versus South Florida being in the off-season. But then here again, the beautiful time to be on this beach is after Labor Day – between then and almost December. We have a lot of winter guests that come down that will start arriving in December through about March.

DC: What makes a condo or beachfront home rental a good option for pepole on a budget?

SS: If you take a home that would house, say, eight to 12 people, then that would suffice versus getting two or three condominimums. So it depends on what their needs are and how long they're really going to stay.

Ready to book your trip? Get started at Amelia-ERA.com.

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wendy April 24, 2013 12:50 PM
I love the beaches.