The Scenic Route: St. Augustine to Daytona Beach on A1A

By: Gary McKechnie


This is the second time I’ve written about a Florida road. The first time was when I bragged about Highway 399 along the Gulf Island National Seashore south of Pensacola. Now I’ll direct you to another one of my favorites that begins just south of the fabled Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.

If you haven’t ridden the stretch of A1A south to Daytona Beach give it a shot. There are sites to see in the 50-some miles but the standout is the Atlantic Ocean. A1A largely hugs the coast and you’ll be just about 10 feet above sea level as you pass Anastasia State Park Fort Matanzas Marineland the iconic Pier in Flagler Beach and mile after mile of oceanfront cruising. This is a rare experience and the sight of the ocean and sound of the engine is pure gold. The nice thing is after you reach Daytona Beach you can turn around and do it again.

When you’re on the right road you can’t go wrong.

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my friend wants to take a one day round trip from daytona to st augustine and back to daytona. she has no carso by bus would be the best. help her out
Please send some info. For ST Augustine. We want to come for our 25 wedding anniversary. March 2015. Places to stay and activities. Old forts. Thank you very much.

Carol Frick
1852 w. Plata ave
mesa Arizona