Trader Joe’s Opens in Florida's Capital!

By: Tamara Smith


When Trader Joe’s opened its Tallahassee store earlier this month, music from a steel drum band filled the air and each new shopper was greeted with a colorful lei and applause from enthusiastic staff members dressed in Hawaiian inspired attire.

What those shoppers quickly discovered is that Trader Joe’s is not your everyday grocery store.

With most items in the store in the family of “Trader Joe’s” brands, they offer “innovative, hard-to-find” foods at reasonable prices.

Do you like peanut butter? Why not try their Cookie Butter instead?

Combine Trader Joe's unique products with quirky-cool touches such as a huge bell to ring for customer service, and every shopper is sure to leave having had a special grocery experience.

Many Florida residents may not be as familiar with TJ’s as with many other organic, natural food markets, but with a selection unique to Trader Joe’s, their flair and a commitment to bringing in local products, I’m sure it will become a go-to place for grocery shoppers in the Sunshine State. 

Trader Joe's are open or soon to be in Boca Raton, Gainesville, Naples, Pinecrest, Sarasota, Tampa and Tallahassee.

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