In the series premiere, ambitious executive Dan Kinney arrives in Florida for business only to discover that his big financial investment has tanked, setting off alarm bells with his firm, family, and authorities. In denial and locked out of his accounts, Dan relies on travel points to stay at a beachside resort until the scandal blows over. He charms guests and irritates employees until a drunken outburst threatens to land Dan on the streets.


Privileged son of a high-profile wealth manager, Dan had it easy until he waged everything on a big gamble and lost. His clients, friends, and the hotel employees recognize Dan for who he really is: a naive yet ambitious narcissist. Stranded while traveling for work, Dan is forced to live off the only two assets he has left: his unquestionable charisma and a massive cache of hotel points. The goodwill of others offers Dan the ability to change his life, but only if he can abandon his ego and dedicate himself to meaningful pursuits.