Military Discounts for Florida Fishing and Hunting Licenses

By Lauren Tjaden Florida holds bragging rights as the most popular fishing destination in the United States, with more than 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline. Abundant wild hogs, turkey, and whitetail deer make it a hunter’s paradise too. If you’re an…

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Military Museums in South Florida

By Jon Wilson A museum with thousands of artifacts from many of our nation’s wars, a Civil War-era fort with surprises and a museum billed as unique in honoring all the sea services highlight south Florida’s military tourism sites. Punta Gorda - Military Heritage Museum At Punta Gorda’s Military…

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Northwest Florida Forts, Museums and Stealth Fighters

Forts, museums and a sky full of stealth fliers secure northwest Florida’s rank in military history. By Chelle Koster Walton I could feel trembling in my chest as the first cluster of sleek F/A-18 Hornets took to the air. The roar vibrated the stands, and my very bones, as the Blue Angels went…

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Florida Car Rental Discounts for the Military and Veterans

By Lauren Tjaden Getting thanks for your service is even better when it comes with less impact on your wallet. Check out these Florida car rental discounts for the military and veterans. Alamo Snag special rates at participating Alamo locations for US federal government and military personnel…

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Discounts for the Military and Veterans in Florida

By Lauren Tjaden “Thank you for your service.” It’s not uncommon to hear those words, and they’re always welcome. But discounts are an especially sweet way for a business to express gratitude to the military and veterans – whether it’s an airline, a Florida theme park, or a hotel. Check out these…

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Florida Destinations with a Military Flair

By Lauren Tjaden Florida is proundly rich with a military history and culture, a culture that embraces freedom and protects our liberties, a culture that’s evident in every corner of the state. In northwest Florida, at the Cubi Bar Café at Pensacola’s Naval Aviation Museum, you can get a taste of…

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