Roadtrip: Downtown Lakeland, Lake Placid, and Lake Wales Shopping

A drive through Lakeland, Lake Wales and Lake Placid is full of all sorts of unusual experiences. The lovingly restored downtown area of Lakeland reminds visitors of yesteryear with a quaint antique district and a beautiful scenic park, Munn Park, a beautiful downtown centerpiece. Surrounding the…

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What to do in Lakeland, Winter Haven and Lake Wales, Florida

From beautiful historic sites, to simulations of flight, this driving tour through Lakeland, Winter Haven and Lake Wales shows off a unique side of Florida. Heritage Highlights in the Area Want to brag that you've seen the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world? If so…

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Discover Spook Hill in Lake Wales

By Gary McKechnie Long before there were theme parks and manmade attractions, there was a Spook Hill in Lake Wales where folks could park their wagon at the bottom of the hill and, somehow, roll up the hill without nudging the horses. After horseless carriages came along, they could do the same…

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