By Kara Franker

Talk to anyone who's been on a visit to Captiva Island and immediately a giant ear-to-ear smile will swallow their face. I'm not kidding! There's something about the island that's intangible and addictive. I think it's a combination of the quirky villagers and drop-dead gorgeous natural surroundings. There's no place like it.

Watch the video and you'll see why everyone wants to visit Captiva Island.

Visit Captiva Island: How to Get There

You don't just accidentally find yourself on Captiva Island because it's not the easiest place to get to. Coming from Miami, I had to crisscross the Everglades via Alligator Alley and head north past Naples to Fort Myers. Then you hop on the causeway to Sanibel Island (another island that I'm absolutely obsessed with) and wind your way up to Captiva. Then it's time to ditch the car and travel around by golf cart - the best mode of transportation on the island.  

We checked into a beautiful Royal Shell vacation home called “Captured” — which was quite fitting because when you see this beach house, you’ll want to lock yourself up and never leave. It’s three-stories of spacious luxury accommodations and perfect for the entire family to spread out, relax and hang out by the pool. 

No trip to the island is complete without spending time on the water. Whether you like boating, fishing or dolphin-watching, the Gulf of Mexico is your playground. Go check out the family-owned Jensen’s Marina for boat rentals. And maybe kiss a manatee or two while you’re there…

visit captiva island

Beyond perfection on Captiva Island


View from under a beach umbrella at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island.

Beach Umbrella on Captiva Island

- Kara Franker for VISIT FLORIDA