By Gary McKechnie

If you’re old enough to remember when license tags began with a number based upon the population of Florida’s 67 counties, you may recall Dade County plates started with ‘1’, Duval came in second with ’2’, Orange County was ‘7’, and so on.

Way down in the batting order was #63. Union County.

With a current population of around 15,000, today Union County Florida license plates would be stamped with #60. If you’d like to help move them up to #59, do yourself a favor. Visit Union County.

Reels and Rails

Union County’s modest population is matched by one thing: Its size. When it was carved out of the original New River County in 1921, at only 240 square miles it was (and remains) the smallest county in the state. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. If you enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, camping, bicycling, and the outdoors, chances are you’ll discover a new destination to explore. Slip onto the back roads and roll through this lonesome region. Along the way you’ll find only three incorporated towns: Raiford, Worthington Springs, and the Union County seat…

Lake Butler

Lake Butler is only about 20 miles southeast of Lake City, but more than miles distinguish the two. Near the junction of I-75 and I-10, Lake City is in all ways a city. Conversely, Lake Butler is off the rural route where the pace is slow and easy and calming. You’ll notice this most of all on the shores of the town’s focal point, Lake Butler.

Lakeside Park

Most locals, along with a handful of visitors, gather by the waterfront at Lakeside Park where there’s a community building, a large park and playground, a swimming beach, splash park, outdoor grills, a boat launch, and a dock. In pavilions, families gather at picnic tables to celebrate birthdays and family reunions and anything else that needs celebrating.

The mile-wide lake supports what appears to be the town’s most popular pastime: Fishing. Every day, at nearly anytime of day, anglers are sitting in folding chairs or atop overturned five-gallon buckets and hoping that a bass (or catfish or brim or crappie) will bite. There’s a calm feeling here on the lake, with the still waters as quiet as the people fishing here. The scene makes it impossible to resist the temptation to step onto the dock and join them. As you take in the beauty of the landscape, you may notice something missing.


Most lakes of this size and beauty are encircled by large homes or walls of condominiums. Aside from the dock you’re on, however, the remaining 98 percent of the lake is nearly untouched. It is trimmed by an endless stand of reeds bordering a symmetrical wall of trees. Pure, natural Florida.


A few blocks south, the Union County Court House dominates the downtown district with its mix of red brick and gray stone, and is worth a look due to its Old Florida appearance. Downtown itself features only a handful of active businesses and restaurants (apparently the wealth of restaurants in Lake City are worth the drive). But there’s something that Lake Butler has that Lake City lacks: The Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail (352/473-4701).

The multi-use recreational trail was created atop the old railroad bed once used by the Georga Southern and Florida Railroad. Created with support from the Rails to Trails Conservancy and Worthington Springs

Part of the joy of exploring Florida is finding small towns you’ve never heard of that become towns you’ll never forget.

Worthington Springs may be one of those places. The center of town isn’t very large, you could step on the gas and clear it in about 10 seconds, but there’s something about it that feels familiar in a southern sort of way. Worthington Springs looks at ease with itself. Maybe it’s the old whitewashed Methodist church that’s shaded by oaks or the weather-beaten log cabin across the street. Or maybe it’s the notices tacked up on the community bulletin board outside the post office (a post office in a trailer, no less).

Steps away, a small restaurant serves hot pizza and down the street local kids are playing a pick-up game at the basketball court. Just a short distance south, the highlight of Worthington Springs is Chastain-Seay Park.

With the Santa Fe River creating a natural border between Union and neighboring Alachua County, this is the perfect place for a park. Near the entrance, a playground and, further along, a primitive campground. Like their counterparts in Lake Butler, it seems most visitors find their way to the shoreline to enjoy a few hours of fishing on the Santa Fe, most beside the bridge that spans the river. Should you wish to explore, it’s anyone’s guess if the water will be high enough to float a boat. If so, it’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Canoe).

Simple pleasures in an undiscovered part of Florida. It’s what traveling is all about.

What’s More…

You’ll find even more to catch your attention on a Union County Florida road trip.


The town is too small to keep you occupied, and the main industry (the Florida State Prison) isn’t designed for well-behaved tourists. But if you enjoy history, cemeteries can fill you in on a town’s past. Signs along CR 121 will point you toward the Sapp Cemetery (12522 Northeast 233rd Lane) where an assemblage of headstones creates a fascinating photo op.

U-Pick Farms

John's Blueberries
7839 Southwest 126th Avenue
Lake Butler
(386) 496-1747

No pesticides used here. Only fresh, natural blueberries.

Horseback Riding

Union County Riding Club
15460 SW 154th Loop
Lake Butler

On the south side of Lake Butler on Route 121, the club meets at a small arena that provides a family-friendly setting for the sport of barrel racing. Members and fans gather on the second and fourth Saturdays at 7 p.m. to practice and compete in events including the arena race, pole bending, cloverleaf, and the Texas barrel weave. The UCRC also offers classes, free admission. There is a dress code for riders: Jeans, shirts, and boots only.


Lake Butler Fourth of July

Lake Butler’s big event arrives on Independence Day with a festival featuring vendors, fireworks, a Fun Run & 5K Run, as well as a Rotary-sponsored bass fishing tournament.

More information…

North Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce
(904) 964-5278

Union County

Lake Butler City Hall
(386) 496-3401

Union County in 60 Seconds