By Hilda Mitrani

Steps away from the Castillo San Marcos in the nation's oldest city sits the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum. It's the perfect location for one of the world’s largest collections of rare pirate artifacts. 

The authentic items include the only surviving treasure chest (in the world!), one of only two Jolly Roger flags in existence, the original journal of Captain Kidd’s final voyage, and Blackbeard’s gold. These priceless items are coupled with nine interactive exhibits and audio chambers that were created by Disney Imagineers.

Along with the city's history and archaeological evidence, pirate legends abound with tales of discovery, plunder, adventure, and anarchy. The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum is proof that the stories of Robert Searles and Sir Francis Drake were more than mere legend.


Interior of room at St. George Inn

My lovely and spacious room at the St. George Inn
- Hilda S. Mitrani

St. George Inn

Merely a short stroll away, the St. George Inn offers hospitality and comfort to adventurous travelers (plus a few rogues and lasses that need shelter too.) My stay at the Inn was beyond comfortable. I loved stepping out on the balcony overlooking the historic St. George Street. The same balcony also gave me a romantic view of Castillo San Marcos.

Downstairs in the Inn's shady, plant-filled courtyard, a barista made my morning capuccino a delight and Kilwin's chocolatier provided an evening treat. Other shops offer an ample variety of gifts to take home.

The St. George Inn is family-owned and operated, and I enjoyed chatting with the owner and hearing about his tight-knit staff. When I tweeted the photo of the Castillo San Marcos about my stay at the Inn, one of my Twitter readers sent me a tweet that she and her husband always stay there. In fact, he had taken the lovely photo in the hotel lobby.

Sometimes, whether you're on an adventure with pirates or with modern technology, life is full of delightful coincidences.

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