By Gary McKechnie

If you know Florida pretty well, when someone mentions Palatka the conversation usually shifts to Angel’s Diner.

Folks in Palatka (about 30 miles southwest of St. Augustine) are used to hearing about Angel’s -- and for good reason: it’s the oldest continually operating diner in the state. It opened in 1932, so do the math and that makes it… well, do the math.

When you roll into town on Highway 17 you can’t miss Angel's Diner in Palatka. From the outside, with its stainless steel skin, it looks just like an old-fashioned diner. (Writer Amy Wimmer Schwarb said it looks like a “grounded submarine.”)

And when you step inside, Angel's Diner in Palatka looks even more like an old-fashioned diner. Compact and cozy, patrons sit on stools at the counter or tuck themselves into booths and order from a Florida menu that starts with traditional breakfasts (eggs, hash browns, pancakes) and then rolls into hamburgers, fried green beans, onion rings pork chops, liver, gizzards, frog legs, shrimp, catfish, and steak.

When should you go? Anytime.

Angel's Diner in Palatka is open 24 hours a day.

So when you have a hankering for frog legs or a midnight pusalow (a house drink comprised of chocolate milk, vanilla syrup, and crushed ice), you know where you can find it.

Off the beaten path in Palatka.

If You Go

Angel's Diner
209 Reid Street
(386) 325-3927