By Kevin Mims

Ahh, the Internet. These days, with so much electronic information at our fingertips, it's easy to think that we can find all the answers online.

While that may be the case with a lot of subjects, when it comes to planning a hiking trip in Florida, sometimes you really need a book to figure things out.

Florida hikers, you're in luck. No doubt you are already familiar with, Sandra Friend's and John Keatley's online resource for planning hiking and backpacking adventures throughout Florida.

Sandy and John have something new for those folks who enjoy travel on Florida's footpaths – The Florida Trail Guide. In print.

In the book, you'll find all the information you need to hike the Florida National Scenic Trail from end to end. It's near impossible to find clear, concise logistical trail data online, and that what makes The Florida Trail Guide so valuable to those going hiking in Florida. Looking for GPS coordinates for trailheads? It's there. How about services in towns along the Florida Hiking Trail? Yep, you'll find that and lots more in the book.

While I tend to lean more toward electronic reference material these days, a book like The Florida Trail Guide is something that is a necessary addition to your backpack. Of course, this isn't something that's likely to just sit on your bookshelf. This is a printed resource that's made to be beaten around, ripped, laminated and put through lots of other abuse. I'm sure Sandy and John would agree.

The Florida Trail Guide is available at

Get a copy. You need it.


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