By Kevin Mims

Good news, friends of the endangered Florida manatee! For those who have wanted to see the manatees from land, the Three Sisters Springs boardwalk is now open. This has been in the works for a pretty long time, and while there's still plenty of work to do, it's fantastic that the public now can access the property.

Currently, the only way to see Three Sisters Springs is by boat or attending an Open House event. There's still a catch to accessing the property, visitors have to catch a shuttle from River Ventures (there is a small fee) and be taken over from there. Hey, it's a start, right?

If you've been hankering to take a stroll around the Three Sisters Springs boardwalk – especially on a cold day when the manatees are in the sanctuary areas – then make plans to come over to Crystal River and see the progress on the Three Sisters Springs property. Plus, the less in-water impact (swim tours, etc.) at the sanctuary areas means the manatees have the ability to properly rest and deal better with the stress of the cold.