By Gary McKechnie

It’s hard, sometimes, to just stop and do something as simple as taking a walk.

For hikers, taking a walk is where you find the magic. The few times I’ve hiked, it’s taken me a little while to understand its purpose – which is not to see how fast I can head down a trail, but to immerse myself in the surroundings and listen to new sounds, see new things, and shut off my mind from the myriad tasks I think are crucial (but aren’t).

If you’re in Florida and are looking for that type of experience, then look into the Florida Trail Association.

According to their website, they develop, maintain, protect, and promote a network of hiking trails throughout the state, including the Florida National Scenic Trail, which begins in the Big Cypress National Preserve and meanders about approximately 1,500 miles to end on the white sands of Gulf Islands National Seashore at historic Fort Pickens.

The journey of 1,500 miles (or even a mile), begins with a single step.



Follow your sunshine in Florida and share it with the world.