Florida has a unique geology, making it one of the rare places on earth that produces crystal clear natural springs and unusual water features as beautiful as they are mysterious.

Falling Waters State Park in the northwest Florida town of Chipley is both beautiful and mysterious.

Way back when, this was the site of a whiskey distillery but today the Chipley Park is recognized mostly for the ‘Falling Waters Sink,’ a 100-foot-deep cylindrical pit that provides a dramatic backdrop for the steady stream of a waterfall.

When you go, stake out a spot on the observation deck and watch the water plunge nearly seven stories to the bottom of the sink.

Where does all that water go from there? No one knows… and that’s the mystery.

And it’s part of what makes Florida worth exploring.

When you go...
1130 State Park Rd.
(850) 638-6130


the falling waters sink in Chipley Park

Matt Paulson's view of Falling Waters Sink as seen on the state park website

- Courtesy Florida State Parks

great swimmers swimming in Chipley Park

Clear waters greet swimmers at Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Fla.

- Colin Hackley for VISIT FLORIDA



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