By Kara Chalmers

An exercise enthusiast and a laid-back lady find common ground along St. Petersburg's bike trails.

For many people, vacations are a chance to forget the day-to-day. That means exercise regimens are left behind with the laundry and the dirty dishes.

But for others, the importance of exercise travels on with them no matter where in the world they go. For the fitness fanatic, as well as the leisurely biker, a perfect pairing of charming lodging areas and plenty of St. Petersburg bike trails are on offer.

There are ranges of different biking scenes. Pinellas Trail, which stretches from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, spans 30 miles while the lovely Hammock Park offers a more relaxing, scenic bike ride over wooden boardwalks and along creeks to a small gazebo perfect for spotting herons.

You can take a detour north to explore Tarpon Springs, where you will see sponge docks and white-and-blue buildings, truly resembling a Greek fishing village.

Once you’re legs are aching for a break, head towards the family-owned Mykonos where you can restore your energy by feasting on Greek salads and lamb shanks.

The locals claim that the best place for Baklava is the National Bakery, something you cannot miss!