By Rachelle Lucas

Fancy a refreshing gin and tonic on a warm Florida evening?

Well now you can have that G&T made with Florida gin. That's right, the worlds only, and possibly first, Florida-style gin has recently been released by St. Augustine Distillery.  

New World Gin is made from Florida sugar cane, oranges, lemon, juniper, cassia bark, angelica, and a proprietary blend of botanicals. I can't wait to try it!

New World Gin was co-created by St. Augustine Distillery’s Director of Production, Brendan Wheatley, and Brand Ambassador Zach Lynch, who serves as Head Bartender for The Ice Plant Bar & Restaurant.

The innovative team’s love of Florida, together with their combined experience in producing spirits and making world-class cocktails, created a dynamic environment in the gin laboratory.

They've recruited an experienced distilling team including two of the world’s most distinguished master distillers to produce the highest quality spirits possible. Dave Pickerel, former master distiller for Makers Mark, serves as the Master Distiller. Wheatley, former distiller for award winning Germain Robin Distillery, serves as the Director of Production. Their combined knowledge and expertise gives St. Augustine Distillery the most experienced distilling team south of Kentucky.

Another key part of their success lies in fresh ingredients; this distillery's mission encompasses a farm-to-glass philosophy, working with local farmers to obtain the Florida products to make world-class spirits.

Additionally, The St. Augustine Distillery Co. promotes consumer traffic to the local farms. This consumer traffic in combination with the distillery’s business, helps preserve these farms, their land and farming heritage.
“Gin from Florida should have a good amount of citrus character, so we tailored our gin with that in mind,” Wheatley said. After nearly 30 rounds of trials, St. Augustine Distillery’s New World Gin was born.

“We wanted to make a gin that used enough juniper to give structure, but allowed the other botanical a greater role. We believe we accomplished our goal and created a ‘bartender's gin' that influences drinks rather than dominates,” said Zach Lynch.
Here are some tasting notes to whet your palate for New World Gin
    Round, citrus entry, bright and clear. The trinity of juniper coriander and angelica support each other with enough juniper to give structure while remaining balanced with the botanicals. A pairing of cassia bark and other baking spice notes helps round out the finish.
     Big entry, lots of botanical flavor, soft sweet and round, the gin opens and quickly coats the whole tongue, proceeds to citrus then finishes in angelica.

You can visit the St. Augustine Distillery Co. for a tour and tasting. They're open daily Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. They're located in historic St. Augustine, in Florida’s first Ice Plant, built in 1905, so the venue is just as fascinating as the spirits.

Here are all the details you need to help you plan your trip:

The St. Augustine Distillery
112 Riberia Street, St. Augustine FL 32084
(904) 825-4962

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