By Scott Barnett

On the western stretches of Miami lies Krome Avenue, one of the last remaining vestiges of South Florida’s nostalgic road trips through the Everglades.

Krome traces long straight lanes from the northern limits of Miami-Dade County to the farmlands of the Redland and eventually deposits you at the gateway to the Keys. 

As trucks and motorcycles grind down this country road with “Route 66” appeal, a few trailers with dirt bikes take a quick turn off the beaten path to a non-descript gate just beyond Mack’s Fish Camp. 

You’ve just entered Miami Motocross Park, an old mining pit that has been converted into a world-class motorbike circuit with hard-packed hills and turns that can challenge anyone to conquer its courses. 

The first thing you notice is the sound of revving engines suddenly kicking into gear and sputtering off into the distance. Trailers and tents of various sizes harbor dirt bikes as they’re prepped and cleaned for their next turn. 

This is a family affair; kids and spouses huddle around their encampments as the riders clean and test engines while slapping on the proper safety gear.

There are plenty of tough-looking men milling around their mounts, but you soon find that girls and boys are a full part of these activities; the passion for speed often is passed down through generations. 

The track is open to all classes of riders, from beginner to expert, and includes sessions for a younger set who can barely put their feet on the ground. But they have no fear as they putter onto the beginner course.

A pair of teenage sisters don their helmets readying themselves for hard turns and big jumps, encouraged in the tradition started by their doting father. 

Miami Motocross Park is one of the few tracks located near Miami’s metropolitan paradise. Traditionally, dirt tracks of this size are located in the far reaches of Florida’s remote interiors.

This location allows even the incidental tourist to take a break from a sunny beach vacation to test their skills on the challenging hills and turns. Visitors from Europe and Latin America visit frequently.

The concession provides bikes and gear for rent, without a major investment of time or money.

The owner of the track, Lazaro Borrego, is constantly grooming the lanes of traffic on his bulldozer, wetting down the soil in order to create a hard-pack surface that is unlike any track you may find in other locales. This track is available to all and Lazaro encourages even the youngest novices to enjoy this sport.

Miami Motocross park is open on Wednesdays and Weekends, rain or shine and the atmosphere is a welcoming one. Strangers soon become friends who share a passion for that next thrill ride.

When you go…
Miami Motocross Park
16665 Krome Ave, Hialeah, Fla. 33018
(786) 975-4024