By Dalia Colon

I get a ton of questions from folks looking to get around the Sunshine State without a car. Here's where I point them for the best in Florida public transit:

1. Google Transit

Whenever I receive a question about getting from Point A to Point B without a car, this website is always my first stop. Type in your start and endpoints, and the omniscient search engine will show you the public transportation route, if one exists.

2. Airport ground transportation

If you just need to get from the airport to your vacation spot and won't need a car during your stay, then check out the airport's ground transportation webpage. Chances are, there's a shuttle, bus, van or taxi service that meets your needs.

3. Uber and Lyft:

The popular ride-sharing services offers the convenience of a taxi with the affordability of Florida public transit.

4. RedCoach USA or Megabus

Buses aren't what they used to be. These upscale services offer transportation between Florida's major cities, picking up and dropping off passengers in downtowns, airports and university campuses. Fares vary depending on when you buy. (I can tell you firsthand that the $1 Megabus fare -- the stuff of legends -- is, in fact, real.) But all passengers can enjoy amenities such as comfortable seats and free on-board wifi.

5. Trolleys

Some trolleys are for sightseeing, but in Florida, many are put to practical use. Whether you're navigating Orlando's bustling International Drive or looking for a hassle-free way to get to the beach in any number of Florida towns, trolleys prove that getting there is half the fun.

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