By Kara Franker

In Florida, our swimsuit season is a year-round affair so staying in tip-top shape is high on the priority list for locals and visitors alike.

And a select group of luxury hotels in the Sunshine State offer mind and body wellness programs that provide a serious dose of strength and balance from head to toe.

We're calling out three of the top luxe hotels in Miami because of their affiliation with Miami Exhale Spas, a collection of mind and body studios complete with fitness and yoga classes, as well as spa therapy treatments.

Check out these three Miami Hotels that offer Exhale Spas.

1. EPIC Hotel in downtown Miami

exhale spa miami at Epic Hotel


- Courtesy of EPIC Hotel

Loews Miami Beach Hotel


- Courtesy of Loews Miami Beach Hotel

the Ritz-Carlton


- Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

What to Expect When You Visit Exhale Spa

Mix together Pilates, yoga, dance, cardio, plyometrics, stretching and more and you get a killer combination of classes and technique that will transform your body. There's even an impressive collection of spa therapy treatments like massages, facials and acupuncture.

the Exhale Spa - one of Miami's hottest trainers


- Kara Franker for VISIT FLORIDA


Exhale Spa Miami only employs the absolute best instructors who have undergone a rigorous training program -- like Julie Wiesman, former Miami HEAT dancer and one of Racked Miami's hottest trainer contestants. 

Classes are centered on a concept called Core Fusion. Here's a breakdown of what to expect in each class:

  • Core Fusion Barre: this is Exhale's signature full-body workout. Think ballet-inspired moves that focus on the core, isolation exercises, flexibility and posture.
  • Core Fusion Cardio: this class will test your endurance and make you sweat, featuring a full hour of high-intensity cardio work.
  • Core Fusion Barre + Cardio: this two-part class includes 30 minutes of a fat-blasting cardio workout, plus 30 minutes of barre-based sequences.
  • Core Fusion Boot Camp: a fast-paced, heart-pumping workout, boot camp features a little bit of everything: cardio, strength training, yoga stretches, ab workout and plyometrics.
  • Core Fusion Sport: train like a pro athlete in this full-body workout that combines interval training with strength building and plyometric exercises.
  • Core Fusion Extreme: for those who really want a challenge, this class centers on a collection of stations where you'll incorporate cardio, weights, suspension training and more.
  • Core Fusion Yoga: find inner balance and strength with this yoga practice, featuring an intense core workout.
Workout center at a luxurious Miami resort


- Kara Franker for VISIT FLORIDA

And don't forget, that unlike other workout studios, you're inside a luxurious Miami resort. So take advantage of the sweeping water views, hit the Zen lounge, spend some time in an infrared sauna or book a relaxing spa treatment.

Individual class sessions Miami Exhale Spa


- Kara Franker for VISIT FLORIDA

Insider Tip:

For an insider's take on what to expect from Core Fusion Extreme, check out Miami writer, Shayne Benowitz's article with action shots by local photographer Matt Roy.

When you go...

Individual class sessions at Exhale Spa start at $25 and multiple class packs are also available. Visit for more information.



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