I spend a lot of time in Florida State Parks, but the one I have spent the most at is Dade Battlefield Historic State Park in Bushnell. I grew up in Bushnell, and Dade Battlefield was a place I would go after school regularly to read, study trees and plants (I was on the FFA Forestry team in high school) or to just wander around and think about what it must have been like all those years ago when Seminoles were here. Take a walk underneath those huge ancient live oaks, and you'll feel history all around you.

Toward the back of the park, take a 20-minute walk on the Pine Flatwoods Trail. It weaves through a restored pine flatwoods ecosystem where hawks fly overhead and gopher tortoises lumber along – keep a watch out for deer and red-cockaded woodpeckers, too.

Below a short video of this amazing Florida State Park. For more information on this and other historic tours in Florida go to VISIT FLORIDA's official historic sites guide.