A Guide to Shopping at Five Points in Jacksonville

    By Dalia Colon

    A vacation without shopping is like a cookie without chocolate chips. It's just wrong. Even if you're just window-shopping (or staring at the proverbial cookie), it's nice to explore the possibilities beyond the standard souvenir options.

    On a recent weekend trip to Jacksonville, I carved out a few hours to stroll through one of the city's most cherished areas for retail therapy: Five Points in Jacksonville. Here's just a sampling of what I found on my excursion.

    • Fans & Stoves Antique Mall is way more exciting than it sounds. If you like scouring vintage stores for the perfect find, then brace yourself for 4,000 square feet of English furniture, Victorian jewelry, kids' clothing, Christmas ornaments, dishes... I could go on for days.
    • Midnight Sun features gift items from around the world, like clothing, pillows and soaps.
    • Bead Here Now is my kind of store. For crafters like myself, there are raw beading materials and even classes. And for you ready-to-wear types, there's premade jewelry. You'll also find stationery and plenty of Hello Kitty merch.
    • Anomaly is a hip clothing and accessories shop. Be sure to hit up the buy-one-get-one-free table.
    • Bark Boutique is the perfect place to find a souvenir for the four-legged diva or divo in your life.

    For more info on Five Points of Jacksonville, visit 5pointsjax.com.