Where to Buy SunPass Transponders

    By VISIT FLORIDA staff

    Trying to figure out where to buy SunPass transponders for use while you're driving in Florida? They can now be purchased from SunPass vending machines at four Official Florida Welcome Centers and an Interstate 4 rest area.

    SunPass Vending Machines Locations:

    • I-10 Welcome Center, mile marker 4 (4 miles east of the Florida/Alabama state line in Escambia County)
    • I-75 Welcome Center, mile marker 470 (1.7 miles south of the Florida/Georgia state line in Hamilton County)
    • I-95 Welcome Center, mile marker 378 (3.5 miles south of the Florida/Georgia state line in Nassau County)
    • I-4 Rest Area, mile marker 46 (2 miles east of S.R. 559/ Exit 44 in Polk County)
    • U.S. 231 Welcome Center, 5865 Hwy. U.S. 231, Cambellton (3 miles north of Campbellton in Jackson County)

    The SunPass Mini transponders retail for $4.99, plus applicable county sales tax. SunPass Pro transponders retail for $14.95, plus tax. Either can be purchased using cash or a credit card and then activated, mounted and ready for use in a matter of minutes.

    The SunPass Mini, aside from tolls, is also good for SunPass Plus parking. It works in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. The Sunpass Pro transponder is obviously good for tolls, and is movable from vehicle to vehicle, including motorcycles. It's also good for SunPass Plus parking and works in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, and wherever E-Z Pass is accepted.

    SunPass is Florida’s electronic, prepaid toll program with over 8 million transponders in circulation. SunPass customers always pay the lowest rate for Florida toll roads available and avoid any service charges associated with all-electronic tolling facilities throughout the state.

    The Florida Turnpike’s vending machine program, in cooperation with VISIT FLORIDA, is a convenient method of putting SunPass into the hands of travelers before they drive any of the state’s toll roads or bridges.

    For more information regarding where to buy SunPass transponders, visit www.sunpass.com.

    Sunpass Vending Machines in Florida Turnpike

    SunPass mini transponders are now available from vending machines in four Florida locations.

    - buying SunPass in Florida

    where to buy SunPass transponders

    VISIT FLORIDA's Official Florida Welcome Centers now sell SunPass mini transponders from vending machines.

    - Courtesy of Florida's Turnpike Enterprise