Summer Survival Kit for Florida

    It's no secret that Florida is hot in the summer. And yes, mosquitos can be quite annoying. It's also easier to get dehydrated in the heat. So, every year I create a Summer Beach Survival Kit to keep in my car. This way, we're prepared for wherever the road may lead, even if it leads to the middle of the Everglades (which it frequently does).

    Summer beach survival kit items:

    Impromptu picnics are made in the shade. I found a great one at Kohl’s for $20 that zippers into a nice square and it's waterproof on one side.
    Beach towel
    Different from a blanket! You never know when one of the kids will jump in a pool, need to be dried off from rain (or sweat!) or you need a napping pillow.
    Bug Repellent
    Since I keep this kit in the car, I buy the plastic container where sheets pop out like baby wipes. You can easily stick a sheet in your pocket, too. Our pediatrician recommends that you never use bug repellent that contains more than 30 percent DEET and never put insect repellent on an infant.
    Chap Stick
    This one stays in my purse, not in the car, as they will melt. If you keep one in your car, purchase the lip balm in a small, round container, not a stick.
    So many shapes and sizes – some don’t even look like coolers – mine looks like a beach bag (that orange striped bag in the photo is my cooler)! And I love that it can double as a beach bag. I keep the contents of my Summer Beach Survival Kit inside my cooler. Plus, you never know when you’ll stumble upon the best smoked fish dip, or the tastiest key lime pie and you just have to bring lots home.
    A must-have in sunny Florida. Keep several handy.
    Goldfish, crackers, granola bars – anything that won’t melt in the heat.
    I love the sticks but they melt in the car so I keep one in my purse. They’re small, only .47 ounces, so it’s like a fat lipstick. You can keep a bottle of sunscreen lotion in your car kit too.
    My boys tend to get splinters frequently in summer. If you don’t have a pair in your purse, keep tweezers in your car.
    Fold Up Umbrella
    Be ready for those summertime afternoon 'thunder boomers.' I also keep a few of those Disney rain ponchos handy. (Of course I never have them when I'm at Disney World, therefore I have 4,000 of them.)
    Water Bottles
    Even if the bottles get hot, warm water is better than no water. Juice boxes, too.
    Ziploc Gallon Bags
    One-gallon or two-gallon size, keep a few for wet or dirty clothes.
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