Swimwear Express Shopping in Miami

    By Kanika Jelks

    Are you wondering about what swimsuit you'll wear on your upcoming trip to Florida's beaches? Summer sizzles here on our beaches and having the just right swimsuit has everything to do with it. The annual swimsuit shopping search is a rite of passage for Floridians young and old, and years of fittings teach us that bathing suits are high fashion that merit some serious consideration.

    We even have retail stores dedicated solely to swimsuit shopping and the pursuit of the perfect fit. Swimwear Express is one of my favorite examples. Based in Miami, this store is couture clothing at its best.This store was started by fasion designers and other professionals in the swimwear and textile industry who thought that swimwear deserved the same fashion focus as other apparel. So, they started the Swimwear Express to offer us the very best bathing suits have to offer.

    And you don't have to wait until you get here to find your perfect fit. Through the website you can get insight on the latest trends, the best style and cut for your figure, different colors and more. Take your time, whether you're shopping at Swimwear Express or anywhere else, and go with whatever makes you feel like your best self.  And don't forget the most important beauty for all of us here in Florida is the beauty that starts inside.