Visit the BoatHouse at WaterColor for Ecotours and YOLO Lessons

    Whew! It's been a busy few weeks, my friends. I've covered a lot of miles and visited plenty of really cool places, so keep checking back for all kinds of fun ideas for the summer.

    Let's talk about a recent trip up to northwest Florida where I spent several days along Scenic 30A in South Walton County. I was in town to do one of my official VISIT FLORIDA Insider videos on ecotours and paddleboarding, and one of the big hot-spots for both of these activities happens to be situated on Western Lake, one of Florida's rare coastal dune lakes.

    If you are looking for an ecotour or to get a feel for paddleboarding, head over to the WaterColor BoatHouse. It's like a kayak and paddleboard mecca – the boathouse is filled with YOLO paddleboards. When I was there, I thought at first that there might have been a paddleboarding event going on, but it turned out to just be another day at work for Jeff Archer and the YOLO crew as they signed up folks for paddleboarding lessons. 

    In addition to YOLO lessons, Western Lake is a huge draw for ecotours. Murray Balkcom of Walco Eco Tours can put you in a kayak or on a super-stable YOLO Yak, which is kind of a cross between a kayak and a paddleboard. Murray knows every inch of Western Lake – his tours will give you a great look at the rare coastal dune lake ecosystem in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. 

    Here is a look at the WaterColor BoatHouse and Western Lake. If you are in Northwest Florida, stop by and check it out for yourself!