See Bald Eagles on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Stream

    By Kevin Mims

    If you're stuck behind a desk right now but wishing you were out on a birding adventure, I've got a quick fix for you: the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation's live feed.

    The feed allows anyone with Internet access a glimpse into the lives and nest of Ozzie and Harriet, a mature pair of Florida bald eagles. The eagles live in Fort Myers about a mile from the Caloosahatchee River, where they get their meals of mullet, gar and other fish.

    To determine who’s who, pay attention to a few of their features. Ozzie is the male, and has a smaller beak and a few white spots on the back of his neck. Harriet is the lady of the nest, and has a much more pronounced beak and is larger in size than Ozzie.

    Ozzie and Harriet have been using this nest since 2006 and can be seen from October to May. In 2013, the pair had two eggs, then two chicks hatch. The nest sits in a Slash Pine about 60 feet from the ground on privately owned land.

    So, until you can get out and experience nature for yourself, enjoy the next best thing.

    Ozzie and Harriet have plenty of neighbors, too. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are 133 Bald Eagles in a 25-mile radius, with the closest being about a mile away.

    Can't get enough of Ozzie and Harriet? Go and view their nest for yourself. Visitors are allowed to go to the nest but must follow the rules so the eagles aren't disturbed.

    More information, including the live feed and rules for visiting the nest, can be found here. Here's the link: