Hike the Holly Hammock Loop at Ross Prairie Campground

    By Kevin Mims

    Before we hit the road full time in our RV, Ross Prairie Campground was a spot that I already visited yearly around the holidays. Now that we are here at the campground, it's been incredibly nice to be able to walk out the door and be on the Holly Hammock Hiking Trail in just a couple of minutes. 

    You can't ask for a more festive hiking trail than the Holly Hammock loop. The hike is underneath massive oaks, through pine forests and large stands of American holly trees, complete with red berries. Some of these American holly trees are the largest ones I've seen anywhere. 

    It's about a 2.5-mile hike and is easily accessible right from the Ross Prairie parking area. The Ross Prairie Campground and Trailhead is located south of Ocala on SR 200.

    For more information and directions, visit Ross Prairie Trailhead & Campground.

    If you love the Ross Prairie Campground locale, you most likely will love the Cross Florida Greenway - Ross Prairie to Pruitt hike, too!

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