Kayaking the Charlotte County Blueway Trails

    With 219 miles of blueway, this might take you a little while. Pack a bag, bring your RV (there's an idea for me) or check in at a hotel for a couple of weeks. If you can't squeeze in a big trip, don't worry - Charlotte County's blueways can be easily broken down into shorter trips.

    Access points? No problem with that, either. There are about 30 places where you can put, paddle the blueway, and discover Florida water sports. These access points are located at area parks with beach, boat ramps and roadside launch types.

    Here's a sample trip: kayak the Woolverton Trail with Grande Tours and glide through tunnels in a massive mangrove forest. It's an easy paddle near Dog Island in Charlotte Harbor.

    This area is also a segment of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail, just in case you become inspired to take off on a long trip around the entire coastline of Florida.

    For more information on kayaking the Charlotte County's Blueways and Trails, check out http://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/trails.html or visit www.charlottecountyfl.com/communityservices/blueway.asp.